Golden Globes 2019: My predictions and the winners

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, co-hosts of the 2019 Golden Globes

Tonight the 2019 awards season kicks off with the Golden Globes! As usual, here is my predictions piece ahead of the event, showing who I think will win versus who I want to win.

I should say that I have been very behind with TV this past year and so most of my TV choices will be guesses based on what I’ve heard/read. My movie selections will be much more educated predictions!

UPDATE: The winners are highlighted in bold.

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Highlights from Nicole Kidman’s BAFTA career retrospective

Last night, Nicole Kidman came to BAFTA’s London HQ in Piccadilly for their annual A Life in Pictures series – and here’s all the interesting things she had to say.

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The Walking Dead time jump has filled me with hope

Basically every recent post that I’ve written about The Walking Dead has been negative and so I naturally went into the time jump episode (which takes place about six-seven years after Rick’s ‘death’) with low expectations, thinking it would be rubbish without Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the mix – so imagine my surprise when I liked the episode and was left feeling positive about the future of the show.

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I feel conned by Rick’s exit on The Walking Dead

Photo courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

I made it clear last week that I wanted Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) to go out with a bang – a bloody, violent, shocking bang that could only be accomplished with his death, which we had been teased about for months.

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I want Rick Grimes to have a gruesome death in The Walking Dead

As any fan of The Walking Dead will know, Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, will leave the show in next Sunday’s episode. It’s the end of an era and I hope he goes out with a spectacularly nasty bang.

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Emmys 2018: Best & Worst Dressed

The red carpet season is well and truly back now people! The 2018 Emmy Awards – the first major awards shows this season – took place on Monday night, and here are my opinions on the fashion choices.

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Emma Stone and Justin Theroux at the Maniac world premiere: My Pics

Tonight, Emma Stone and Justin Theroux, the stars of upcoming Netflix series Maniac, came to London for the world premiere. You can see all my pics of them inside.

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Was The Handmaid’s Tale season two a good idea?

The first season of The Handmaid’s Tale was based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, in its entirety, so when the second season was announced (which wasn’t a surprise given its success), people wondered if it would be a good idea to extend it beyond the source material. Now it has come to its conclusion, I can give my opinion.

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I’m so ready for Maggie to get her moment to shine in The Walking Dead

I have been growing bored with The Walking Dead and its All-Out War storyline for a while now, so the finale left me really excited because it hinted that things were going to change massively, and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) would be leading the charge.

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Critics’ Choice Awards 2018: Best & Worst Dressed

On Thursday night, it was another red carpet – the Critics’ Choice Awards – which means more fashion for us to check out!

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