Stranger Things 2: What I loved and what I didn’t

I’m not much of a binge watcher but I finished Netflix series Stranger Things 2 in just four days because I loved it so much. That isn’t to say it’s perfect – here’s a rundown of what I liked and what I didn’t.

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Twin Peaks season review: Far too long and slow, but with some delightful moments

Yesterday I wrote about the season finale of the Twin Peaks revival series and now I’ve processed that (only just!) I can reflect on the whole series.

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Twin Peaks season finale: I am so mad and confused right now 

I have just watched the two-part finale of the Twin Peaks revival series and my mind is reeling. What does it all mean? And HOW could David Lynch and Mark Frost do that to us?!

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Pretty Little Liars should have ended after the Charlotte reveal

Can you tell I’m still not over the Pretty Little Liars finale yet?! It’s been two weeks and I still haven’t been able to stop talking, thinking or reading about it and I’m 100% convinced it should have stopped after Charlotte was revealed as A.

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I’m disappointed with the Pretty Little Liars finale 


Last night was the moment we had been waiting for: the end of Pretty Little Liars and the AD reveal. A few days ago, I predicted that Caleb was AD but now we know I was wrong and I can’t tell you how let down I feel that they stuck with the evil twin theory and made AD someone we had never met before.

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I’m convinced Caleb is A.D. in Pretty Little Liars 

Pretty Little Liars ends for good in a few days and we will finally learn who A.D. is. Who is the big bad that has taken over Charlotte’s game and been terrorising the girls? Well I’ve been chatting to friends and reading online theories and now I’m convinced it’s Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn).

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Twin Peaks is finally getting somewhere! Best episode so far

I have been patient with the Twin Peaks revival. Yes, there have been some great moments in the first six episodes but they have been slow and weird and, in the case of the last two, not much really happened. I started to lose interest and that feeling of excitement before watching an episode but that changed with this week’s, which was fantastic.

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There needs to be more Mona in Pretty Little Liars

In this week’s Pretty Little Liars, Mona (Janel Parrish) was FINALLY given more screen time and a juicy twist and I was so freaking happy because I’ve been wanting that girl to be in it more for ages.

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Top Twin Peaks (2017) moments so far

Yes, the new Twin Peaks is totally weird and batshit crazy and I struggled to concentrate and take it all in. Most conversations I have had with people in the past week have been about the WTF moments and trying to figure out what it all means, and I don’t want that to overshadow some of the good stuff. So I want to take a moment to appreciate some of the brilliant nuggets we’ve seen so far.

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The Twin Peaks season premiere was damn hard work

Unless you have been living in a cave, you will have probably heard about Twin Peaks coming back on Sunday night with a two-part premiere. With me living in the U.K. and having to start work super early, it took me quite a while to get through the two hour show and I’m glad I did it in a few sittings because it was seriously hard work and really tested my tolerance for the weird. [Read more…]