Zac Efron at We Are Your Friends premiere: My Pics


Zac Efron headed to the unlikely location of Brixton in south London for the premiere of his new DJ-ing flick We Are Your Friends. He was joined by the stunning Emily Ratajkowski and their director Max Joseph (best known for Catfish the TV show).

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Magic Mike XXL cast surprise at advance screening


The cast of the new Magic Mike XXL surprised the audience at an advanced screening in London tonight and the crowd went nuts!!

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Best Oscars Pictures: The ceremony

Here’s my selection of the best pictures of Oscars (ahead or during the ceremony):


The most talked about selfie: 




GIF of them rushing to get in: 


Look at Jennifer pushing Bradley out of the way, Jared rushing in at the last minute and Lupita’s brother rushing in for a prime position behind Bradley.

Benedict Cumberbatch photo bombs U2


Lupita dancing to Pharrell’s Happy 


Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson ready to present


Nooo! Zac Efron confirms rehab story


It was revealed last week that Zac Efron had checked into rehab five months ago due to substance abuse, including cocaine and MDMA. At the time, it was just “sources” that spoke about the story so I didn’t believe it. It did have actual, named people talking about it so I didn’t think it was particularly reliable. Also, I’m a big Zac fan, so I hoped it wasn’t true.

However, it is definitely true as Zac has taken to his WhoSay account to thank his fans for their support.

Here’s what it said: “Hey guys! Just returned from an incredible trip to Peru with my dad and wanted to thank you all for your support these past few weeks…means the world to me. Love you guys! – Z”

I can’t believe this is actually true! I didn’t believe it at first and I still have trouble getting my head around it now. He just seemed so clean-cut and such a nice guy that you wouldn’t expect this kind of thing. I would love to know more about his troubles because I don’t understand right now.

Luckily, he is clearly doing well and the rehab did the trick. Besides a relapse on the set of Neighbors (apparently), Zac is now happy and healthy. Clearly- nobody knew about it until months later. I bet he is gutted that everyone knows now- but at least he is aware of how much his fans love him and are supporting his recovery. I love Zac!

Nicki Minaj has some major underboob in tiny jacket



Does Nicki Minaj realise she is appearing on day time TV?! I certainly hope she changed before speaking to Ellen DeGeneres!

I don’t think the Moschino jacket was supposed to worn with such exposed breasts. If that is the style then Nicki shouldn’t wear it because her boobs are far too big! The jacket has the buttons to be done up properly, but Nicki just fastened the top one and left it gaping for major boob action!

I do think it’s weird. Her boobs are totally exposed and from a side angle, the paps have managed to get a nip slip shot. That’s hardly surprising since she wasn’t exactly trying hard to cover them in the first place.

She has never been shy of showing off her breasts and there’s no wonder why- they’re enormous. And considering she isn’t wearing any support, I’m impressed how pert they are.

This outfit doesn’t strike me as sexy because it is a blatant attempt at being attention seeking and revealing her body. Call me a prude, but she looks very sexier with an ample cleavage shot than an entire underboob (and occasional nipple!) shot. You’re already hot, Nicki, stop trying so hard!

There’s something about Miley for Rolling Stone



Miley Cyrus gets all soapy and rocks a “There’s Something About Mary” quiff while posing topless for Rolling Stone,

I can’t quite tell if it is supposed to be sexy. She is pretty much naked after all…yet it’s messy and playful so I’m not too sure. She certainly seems to love showing off her body these days.

Miley’s cover for Rolling Stone comes out October 10th.

Big Pics: Rihanna, Katy Perry & Jennifer Aniston



Revealing much?! Rihanna gets her ass out again. I don’t think we’re even surprised anymore!

Victoria Beckham


Victoria takes a pic of herself on a shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth. I wonder what magazine it will be for. I love the heart print!

Katy Perry


Katy seems to be going overboard on the supplements! She posted this pic with the caption: “I’m all about that supplement & vitamin LYFE!” You can see that she takes them three times a day with dinner, breakfast and upon rising written on each bag. That is ridiculous!

Jennifer Aniston


Check out her bod! You wouldn’t think she was 44, she looks amazing! This is a still from upcoming movie We’re The Millers.

Tobey Maguire


This is an one odd shoot with Tobey for Interview magazine. I love it! Not sure about the gold teeth though.



Pics: The Hangover III premiere

hangover 003

Tonight was the European premiere of The Hangover Part III in London’s Leicester Square. The fans went wild for Bradley Cooper as well as Zach Galifinakis, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Heather Graham and Ken Jeong.

Other minor celebrities included The Saturdays (minus Rochelle), Russell Kane, Dynamo, Jessica Lowndes and boyband Lawson.

hangover 014

Bradley was amazing and spent ages with the fans and press. He went through everybody and seemed more focused on taking a picture of himself with fans. This was great for people in the front row but those further back didn’t benefit. He was so good. I was very impressed. Zach and Ed both signed for fans but not as thoroughly as Bradley, sometimes skipping sections to do press, so I didn’t get close to them. Justin was so nice and spent ages with the fans and even came back to us twice! Heather was equally friendly and was displaying some serious cleavage. Ken didn’t sign as much as the others and The Saturdays barely approached the crowd.

Enjoy the thumbnail pics below. Click on an image to enlarge.



Sharon Osbourne returns to UK X Factor panel


It has been announced that Sharon Osbourne will return to The X Factor this year.

The former judge will join Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger.

Tulisa yesterday confirmed that she would not be returning to the panel saying that she wanted to do something new and had some exciting announcements coming up. Rumour has it that she is trying to break into Hollywood.

Sharon was on the show from 2004 to 2007

Sharon was on the show from 2004 to 2007

I’m glad that Gary and Nicole are back because I love them and they make the show a lot of fun. Will they ever get rid of Louis? He is so annoying! I know there will be serious banter between him and Sharon though, as they got on so well before!

I know Sharon has done this before but could they not find anyone better?! I just find her so grouchy and not particularly funny. Tulisa did have her flaws (mainly in her fashion sense and solo performances) but she was from the music business and she was funny. I’m not sure how I like this change! I’ll to wait and see!

Jennifer Lawrence dons the Mystique costume once again


Check out the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence donning the Mystique blue paint for Days of Future Past, the next X-Men movie.

I wonder how long it takes to get her like that?! It must be a tough job!

Jen played the shapeshifting Mystique in X-Men: First Class back in 2011. Days of Future Past is the sequel to that AND X-Men: The Last Stand, so it will include characters from both the original trilogy and the prequel.

Director and producer Bryan Singer showed us this sneak peek on Twitter. It will be weird seeing Jen in this after her success in Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games.