Gloria Bell: Film Review

If you want a feel-good film this week then you should check out Julianne Moore in the wonderful Gloria Bell. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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Late Night: Film Review

I love Mindy Kaling and I was a huge fan of her TV show The Mindy Project so I got very excited when I heard she was writing a feature film starring Emma Thompson! My expectations were naturally quite high for Late Night and it sadly fell short of them. [Read more…]

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Film Review

After the shambles of 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, I was pretty much done with the franchise and not at all excited for Dark Phoenix. Despite this, I tried to go in with an open mind and it’s actually quite good. It has a lot of problems, but I was entertained for the most part.

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Top Films for June

It’s the start of June, which means it’s time to look ahead at the releases coming to UK cinemas throughout this month. Here are my top suggestions –

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Booksmart: Film Review

I had heard so many glowing things about Olivia Wilde‘s directorial debut Booksmart so my expectations were super high when I went to see it and I’m pleased to report that it exceeded them. It is such a wonderful film!

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Aladdin: Film Review

I had the lowest of expectations for Guy Ritchie‘s live-action version of Aladdin. The promotional material didn’t thrill me and I didn’t even put it on my May movies list but I was determined to see it with an open mind – and I actually liked it! It’s not perfect but it’s nowhere near the travesty I was expecting.

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Rocketman: Film Review

I was extremely excited for Rocketman because I love Taron Egerton (a well-known fact about me) and a lot of Elton John‘s songs so it was a winning combination. However, I didn’t feel completely satisfied with the story and was left wanting more.

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My Days of Mercy: Film Review

I originally saw My Days of Mercy at the 2018 BFI Flare Festival, a celebration of LGBTQ cinema, and it’s finally getting a U.K. cinema release today, although I can’t actually find any cinemas showing it. That’s a shame because lead actors Ellen Page and Kate Mara, who play lovers on opposite sides of a political debate, put in good performances.

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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum: Film Review

This is the first time I’m reviewing a John Wick movie. They never really appealed to me but I felt like I should catch up due to positive word of mouth and I really enjoyed the second one, which was a step up from the first. It’s no surprise then that John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum takes it to another level once again.

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My pics: Will Smith, Guy Ritchie and Naomi Scott at the Aladdin press conference

L-R: Alan Menken, Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud, Will Smith, Guy Ritchie and Edith Bowman

On Friday, the cast and crew of Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin came to the Rosewood London hotel to chat about the movie – and here’s what went down.

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