The Perfect Candidate: Film Review

the perfect candidate

The Perfect Candidate’s Haifaa Al-Mansour, one of two women who debuted films in competition at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, brings us an inspiring look at a young woman finding her voice in Saudi Arabia.

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Vivarium: Film Review


I missed Vivarium during the 2019 London Film Festival so I’m glad it’s finally coming out because this creepy, unsettling gem is worth a watch.

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The Rest of Us: Film Review

The Rest of Us

If you’re looking for a lovely way to spend 80 minutes, then I might suggest The Rest of Us, a female-led comedy-drama.

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The Truth: Film Review

The Truth

There might not be any blockbuster releases on the horizon but there are plenty of independent film releases coming to digital over the next few weeks – and first up, it’s Hirokazu Kore-eda‘s French family drama, The Truth.

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All the movie releases that have been affected by the coronavirus

A Quiet Place Part II

This has been a long and crazy week and I’m sure you’re all exhausted by the constant coronavirus news. Given that there have been a lot of very serious updates this week, you may have had trouble keeping track of what film releases have been postponed as a result of cinema closures and restrictions on public gatherings, so I’ve put together a handy list to help.

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Calm with Horses: Film Review

Calm with Horses

I wasn’t really sure if Calm with Horses would be my thing because I really dislike gritty, violent gang movies, and the opening of this – in which a man gets brutally beaten up – didn’t fill me with confidence. However, the lead character’s story is written well and I couldn’t help but become invested in him.

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The Hunt: Film Review

The Hunt

The Hunt has been surrounded by controversy, with its release being shelved in September following shootings in America, and considering its polarising political content, that was probably a good idea. If you’re hoping to watch a horror, you might be disappointed with The Hunt because it is a violent political satire.

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The Prince of Egypt: Theatre Review

Prince of Egypt Musical London

If you are a fan of DreamWorks’ epic 1998 animation The Prince of Egypt, then you may want to check out the new stage adaptation which has just opened at London’s Dominion Theatre.

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Escape from Pretoria: Film Review

Escape from Pretoria

Daniel Radcliffe has been making very interesting career choices since finishing Harry Potter and he continues that with Escape for Pretoria, a thrilling film about a real-life prison escape. 

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Onward: Film Review


Marvel stars Chris Pratt and Tom Holland reunite to lead the voice cast in Disney/Pixar’s latest animation Onward, a sweet little adventure that tugs on the heartstrings.

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