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The Walking Dead is ending and I’m so relieved

The Walking Dead

Considering how often I have written posts about wishing The Walking Dead would end, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t write something now that my wish is coming true.

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Danai Gurira is leaving The Walking Dead and I am sad

For the longest time, I have been saying I’m ready to quit The Walking Dead but I still haven’t done so. After Andrew Lincoln left us in the most ridiculous way, I was sure I would hate it so much I would quit it then, but I stuck with it, because the time jump filled me with hope and I became invested in Michonne, but now she’s leaving too!

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The Walking Dead: This week’s shock deaths prove how much I still care

Carol and Daryl in “The Calm Before”

For a long time now I have been complaining about the quality of The Walking Dead and how I no longer care about what happens. I considered dropping it after the Rick Grimes death fakeout but I still haven’t been able to bring myself to do so – and this week’s episode proved that I’m still into it, more than I actually realised.

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The Walking Dead time jump has filled me with hope

Basically every recent post that I’ve written about The Walking Dead has been negative and so I naturally went into the time jump episode (which takes place about six-seven years after Rick’s ‘death’) with low expectations, thinking it would be rubbish without Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the mix – so imagine my surprise when I liked the episode and was left feeling positive about the future of the show.

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I feel conned by Rick’s exit on The Walking Dead

Photo courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

I made it clear last week that I wanted Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) to go out with a bang – a bloody, violent, shocking bang that could only be accomplished with his death, which we had been teased about for months.

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I want Rick Grimes to have a gruesome death in The Walking Dead

As any fan of The Walking Dead will know, Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, will leave the show in next Sunday’s episode. It’s the end of an era and I hope he goes out with a spectacularly nasty bang.

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I’m so ready for Maggie to get her moment to shine in The Walking Dead

I have been growing bored with The Walking Dead and its All-Out War storyline for a while now, so the finale left me really excited because it hinted that things were going to change massively, and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) would be leading the charge.

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The Walking Dead finale was distinctly meh

So The Walking Dead has been plodding along at a deathly pace, getting everything in line for last tonight’s ‘explosive’ finale so after weeks of build up and filler, I was expecting something epic so I was seriously disappointed.

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What happened to The Walking Dead’s CGI budget?

Bad CGI in TV shows in no longer acceptable – and viewers of The Walking Dead made that clear last week when we saw the embarrassingly bad CGI deer (above) that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) tried to kill in a fairground. It didn’t get much better in the most recent episode, so what is going on?

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The Walking Dead was brutal in the best possible way


The season seven premiere of The Walking Dead aired on Sunday night so I got up in the morning UK time to watch it so it wouldn’t be spoiled and I’m so glad I did. The episode is shocking, gross and amazing in a way that would not have stayed secret for long (no way I would have got through Twitter or work) and I don’t blame these people cos I need to talk about it too! Hence my episode review…

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