Life’s a Show: Film review

Coin Operated Films

Life’s a Show is one of many short films you can check out during the upcoming Raindance Film Festival.

Written and directed by Harvey Puttock, the 11-minute short is led by Outlander star Jon Tarcy, who plays Matt, an actor whose play has been cancelled amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He misses the sense of direction and validation acting gives him so he hires a director, played by Dusan Mrden, to guide his everyday life and performs in front of a virtual audience.

I loved the premise of this short and I found the storyline amusing and chuckled a few times. However, this concept had so much potential for comedy that Puttock didn’t fully capitalise on. Tarcy was a likeable lead but I really enjoyed the directors more, despite them appearing via Zoom. Mrden brought an authoritative and artsy air as the first director while Lucy Hilton-Jones cracked me up as the flamboyant and OTT second director – her part was written so well and she stole the show.

I would have happily watched another 10-15 minutes of this to see some of the ideas expanded upon or more comedic moments. Overall, it’s an enjoyable film that you should add to your list if you’re doing Raindance this year.

Life’s a Show will be available to watch via Curzon Home Cinema throughout the Raindance Film Festival, which runs from 27th October to 6th November.

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