Dream Horse: Film Review

Dream Horse

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

I love Toni Collette and will watch her in anything so even though I wasn’t super keen on Dream Horse, I gave it a whirl and had a great time.

Dream Horse, based on a true story, follows Jan Vokes (Collette), a Welsh supermarket assistant and barmaid who is pretty fed up with her small town life now her kids have flown the nest and she has to work two jobs while her husband Brian (Owen Teale) sits in front of the TV all day. After doing her research, she decides to buy a mare and breed a racehorse, despite having no experience. It’s a prohibitively expensive venture so they set up a syndicate with the help of Howard (Damian Lewis) so they can raise the funds to get Dream Alliance proper training to help him compete in the big leagues.

Dream Horse is a lovely, uplifting watch that your mum would probably love. I can imagine this doing very well on a Sunday afternoon on the TV. That’s not to say the quality isn’t good, but it’s a conventional horseracing drama that feels perfectly suited to that time slot.

You know the ending of a film like this before you even begun, they’re always so predictable, but it’s still comforting to watch it happen, even if you called it a mile off. This film hits all the beats you would expect and doesn’t do anything particularly new or original with the horseracing/general sports competition genre but the journey is still very watchable and heartwarming.

The film isn’t just about the horse and its racing talents – it also shows what a positive impact Dream Alliance has on the community and members of the syndicate, particularly Jan, Brian and Howard. The horse brings hope and excitement into their lives, makes them re-evaluate what they want out of life and helps Brian and Jan feel like a team again.

Collette does a good job playing the likeable, strong-willed and determined Jan, who becomes very emotionally attached to Dream and tries to do what she thinks is best for him, no matter what the rest of the syndicate think. Her Welsh accent was pretty convincing, as was Lewis’, who provides solid support. I cannot believe how much Teale looks like the real Brian! Incredible piece of casting.

Dream Horse is a predictable yet winning film that is sure to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

In cinemas Friday 4th June

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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