Pink: All I Know So Far – Film Review

Pink: All I Know So Far

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

I love pop music, pop documentaries and basically any form of behind-the-scenes footage so Pink: All I Know So Far, her upcoming concert doc, is very much up my street.

The documentary, directed by The Greatest Showman’s Michael Gracey, follows Pink, real name Alecia Moore, as she embarks on the European leg of the Beautiful Trauma World Tour with her husband Carey Hart and young children Willow and Jameson in tow. In particular, the documentary focuses on the 20 days between the European Tour opener in Amsterdam in June 2019 and her concert at London’s Wembley Stadium, after which Willow and Carey flew home for a 12-day break.

This film feels different from other concert documentaries like Katy Perry‘s Part of Me – the gold standard – and pop star documentaries like Taylor Swift‘s Miss Americana and Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry because its primary focus is on Pink as a mum and how she balances being a performer responsible for hundreds of jobs on the tour and putting on a high-energy entertaining show every night and looking after Willow and Jameson – who were eight and two, respectively, at the time of filming. Both roles are equally demanding and exhausting and hats off to her for managing to have the stamina and energy to do it all.

The film is comprised of concert footage from that tour, although you don’t get many songs the full way through, as well as footage of Pink rehearsing, sightseeing with her family, and looking after the kids back at the hotel. She offers up some interesting insights but there are no big revelations or super candid chats. It also contains surprisingly little of her backstory and history up until that point and chooses to focus on the present of that tour.

This is unlikely to appeal to anyone who is not already a fan of Pink. As a huge fan of her music, I sang along to the concert footage and loved watching her dance and do her insane aerial gymnastics (how can she sing at the same time?!) and immediately wanted to go and listen to her back catalogue.

All in all, Pink: All I Know So Far is an endearing and entertaining film, even if it isn’t particularly deep and revealing.

On Amazon Prime Video from Friday 21st May

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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