Emmys nominations: My thoughts

Emmy Awards

Today the nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards were announced and this is a summary of my thoughts reading the shortlist:

  1. I’m glad I just powered through Succession. At least I’ve got one of the big hitters, nominations-wise, under my belt. Not sure about the nomination for Nicholas Braun. Cousin Greg, really?! Three supporting actor noms! Braun is against Kieran Culkin and Matthew Macfyden – both of those two could easily do it. My bets on Culkin. Jeremy Strong has some big competition in the lead actor category – including from his onscreen dad – but I would like him to win. I feel like Holly Hunter should have got a nom for playing Rhea Jarrell tbh.
  2. Paul Mescal got a nod for Normal People, but Daisy Edgar-Jones didn’t?! I’m outraged. The show didn’t even get nominated, I AM EVEN MORE OUTRAGED. It was one of my faves of the year, I can’t believe it. At least it got some directing and writing mentions, I suppose.
  3. The young actors in Little Fires Everywhere didn’t get any mentions?! Whyyyyy? They were SO GOOD! I would have loved some recognition for Megan Stott, Lexi Underwood, and AnnaSophia Robb. I am glad that Reese Witherspoon didn’t get one though. I thought she might because of her name, but her performance didn’t stand out for me in this series.
  4. Sandra Oh got nominated for Killing Eve?! I love her, but she was wasted this season. Eve had sweet FA to do.
  5. I am thrilled for the Dead to Me team! I really want Linda Cardellini to win.
  6. Hollywood got quite a few nominations considering it got ripped to shreds on Twitter and I was put off watching it.
  7. The fact that Westworld didn’t get a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series says it all really. Same goes for Big Little Lies.
  8. Why is there no love for Never Have I Ever? Not even for John McEnroe‘s narration?! WTF! I loved that show.
  9. Merritt Wever and Kaitlyn Dever didn’t get any recognition for Unbelievable when Toni Collette did. So unfair!
  10. Allison Janney not getting nominated for Bad Education. She is so so good in that, perhaps even better than Hugh Jackman!
  11. Elisabeth Moss missed out for The Handmaid’s Tale. Her performance was amazing but I guess nobody is watching the show anymore?
  12. Damn, I should have watched Watchmen. Perhaps I should add it to the list now? Ditto for Ozark.
  13. Damn, I still haven’t watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, even though I tell myself I will every time awards season comes around. I’m sure I’ll love it, but it’s yet another show I haven’t got round to seeing.

The Emmys will take place on 20 September and I will be doing my traditional predictions piece earlier that day. I aim to have watched more of these shows by then (my comedy knowledge is frankly pretty terrible right now).

You can check out the full list of nominees here.

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