Feel the Beat: Netflix Film Review

Feel the Beat

I love a dance movie. Always have, always will. I’ve seen Step Up 2: The Streets so many times. I also love a competition movie such as Pitch Perfect and Bring It On, which I both adore. Feel the Beat combines the two so it’s safe to say I enjoyed it very much.

Feel the Beat follows April (Sofia Carson), a self-centred and obnoxious dancer who ruins her Broadway career with her arrogant behaviour. She eventually goes back home to Wisconsin with a tail between her legs and gets roped into visiting her old dance studio by her former teacher Miss Barb (Donna Lynne Champlin), who suggests she teach some classes and help the kids participate in a national dancing competition. April initially declines, thinking the gig is way beneath her, but she soon changes her mind when she discovers top Broadway producer Welly Wong (Rex Lee) is on the judging panel.

This movie is super predictable, hits all the beats you would expect and has the same structure as most competition films – starting at citywide rounds before progressing to the nationals in Atlantic City. As expected, we eventually see April transforming her attitude and gradually becoming less of a snobby biatch, there’s a romantic subplot with Nick (Wolfgang Novogratz), and some fences to mend, but even though this formula feels super familiar, I enjoyed a lot. I’m a sucker for choreography too so the dance sequences instantly put a smile on my face.

Carson does the bitchy thing well in the beginning and she gradually starts to thaw out and become more friendly and likeable. She’s also a brilliant dancer (although she does have a dance double) and rocked some fantastic costumes, hair and make-up. But the children are the main draw here and steal the show. Those guys warmed my heart. There are so many different characters in their dance troupe and they were so much fun to watch. My hands-down favourite was Justin Caruso Allan as Dicky, although I was impressed with Eva Hauge and Lidya Jewett‘s emotional work.

Feel the Beat doesn’t do anything new, but who cares? It’s comforting and made me feel good and I’ll take that right now. I’m even tempted to watch it again.

Streaming on Netflix now 

Rating: 3.5/5

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