Killing Eve has well and truly lost its momentum

Killing Eve

After watching the season three finale of Killing Eve on Monday night, I came away feeling distinctly underwhelmed. The show has lost all momentum and forward propulsion and just seems to be trying to recapture the magic it had before.


By its very concept, Killing Eve should not have lasted three seasons and I don’t really know how it has managed to survive so long on a paper-thin idea that could only sustain a single miniseries. But the popularity of season one, coupled with the standout turns from Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri and Jodie Comer as Villanelle, as well as great support from Fiona Shaw (Carolyn) and Kim Bodnia (Konstantin), unsurprisingly led to more. And while there were some enjoyable moments this season, there was a distinct lack of direction and a lot of filler. And most importantly, Villanelle doesn’t want to kill Eve anymore, which is problematic, given the show’s title, and Eve has nothing to do.

There were some strengths – for example, I enjoyed the addition of Dasha (Harriet Walter) as Villanelle’s handler, Konstantin’s storyline showed promise (but didn’t ultimately go anywhere), and Carolyn cracked me up often, but most of all, I loved watching Comer as Villanelle. She feels fresh and unique and has become more hilarious as the show has gone on. She makes me laugh, I love watching her and seeing what she’ll do next, and I love her facial expressions, accents, designer outfits, and assassination set-ups. But if the script and plot aren’t there, this doesn’t amount to much. She is given a decent arc, with her trying to quit The 12, but the vast majority of her scenes seem designed to be made into a fun GIF. And she does make a good GIF. But that’s not the point.

The biggest problem is Eve. I have no issue with Oh’s performance but she literally did nothing this season. She did some mild investigating with the Bitter Pill guys but she was mostly just obsessed with Villanelle once again and was reacting to what everyone else had going on. I feel bad for her, what a waste. And on a random side note, I’m really sad they killed off Kenny (Sean Delaney) because he was a nice character and quite cute.

When the finale ended, I didn’t know what to make of it and was left wondering how the story could go forward. Are they just going to go their separate ways? Doesn’t that negate the premise? Or did it prove that they can’t go on without the other? I’m excited to see what Villanelle does in season four (it’s already been renewed) – I want to see her expose and take down The 12 – but I want Eve to have more to do or be written off so it’s the Villanelle show.


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