Dead to Me should only be renewed for one more season

Dead to Me Season 2

As much as I love Dead to Me, I think Netflix should call it a day after a third season so it goes out on a high.

**No spoilers, woohoo!**

A third season has not been officially greenlit by Netflix yet but given the popularity of the show and the fact that season two – which premiered last Friday – ends with a cliffhanger that basically sets up another season, you can pretty much bet on it happening. And I’m totally down for that – but only that.

First things first, I want to make it clear that I love Dead to Me and the relationship between Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) and Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini), which has transformed so much throughout the course of the show and I love where it’s at now. The plot may have many crazy, ridiculous twists, but the writing and the chemistry between the two leads are where it truly shines. (Side note: I think Cardellini should get an Emmy and/or Golden Globe nomination for her work this season).

Dead to Me Season 2

In the beginning, given the concept of the show, I never thought it would exist beyond one series. I didn’t know how it could sustain itself for longer than that – but the cliffhanger at the end of season one answered that question for me. Amazingly, season two managed to sustain itself on that simple premise – and I was thoroughly entertained watching these women fighting through their web of lies – but it’s got to run out of gas fairly soon. And I don’t want Netflix to keep it going for the sake of its popularity when the story has exhausted itself. And then the team will run out of ideas, the writing quality will dip and the performances won’t be as amazing – and I don’t want any of that!

I want a third season because that cliffhanger has me so intrigued about where the story will go next, but after that’s dealt with, I want it to wrap all the storylines up nicely and leave audiences satisfied with the conclusion. Go out with a bang and leave them wanting more, as they say.

Dead to Me Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix


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