Emma: Film Review

I didn’t really think we needed another movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma but the trailer for Autumn de Wilde’s version looked bonkers and fun so I was intrigued about what it had to offer. The latest Emma has moments of wit and comedy but is just fine in general.

Anya Taylor-Joy stars as Emma Woodhouse, a rich socialite who considers herself something of a matchmaker and likes to interfere in her friends’ love lives. She decides to turn her attention to Harriet (Mia Goth) and help her find a partner. Harriet already has feelings for farmer Robert Martin (Connor Swindells), but Emma wants her to set her sights higher, with potential suitors including Mr Elton (Josh O’Connor), Mr Knightley (Johnny Flynn), and Frank Campbell (Callum Turner).

The trailer made Emma look like this fun, bonkers, whimsical film and while it has moments of that – most of which were given away in the trailer – the majority of the runtime is just a pleasant and visually beautiful period drama with heightened, quirky performances (although this was rather inconsistent). It did make me smile a lot but it wasn’t laugh-out-loud funny and it lagged in the middle and I found my attention starting to wane.

Emma Woodhouse is supposed to be utterly charming and Gwyneth Paltrow was absolutely spot-on in the 1996 movie adaptation. Taylor-Joy was nice enough but she didn’t quite have that same charisma. My favourites were Bill Nighy as her hypochondriac father, he’s always good fun, Flynn as the handsome Knightley, the only one who calls Emma out on her bad behaviour, and O’Connor, who was delightfully quirky.

Emma is a sweet little period romance comedy-drama that is very faithful to the source material so Austen fans may be pleased. I personally found it too long, quite average, and forgettable. I prefer the 1996 version.

In cinemas now

Rating: 3/5

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