Top Films for February

We’re now in a new month which means it’s time for my monthly movie preview.

Here are the films I’m excited about this February:


Yes, believe the hype. There is a reason why a foreign language film is getting recognition outside of its usual category – because Parasite is fantastic. It is already on my Best of 2020 list and I can’t imagine it being bumped off. Bong Joon Ho‘s black comedy/thriller follows a poor family who infiltrates a wealthy one by becoming their hired help. Please don’t let the subtitles put you off. Released: 7th February


Kristen Stewart in the underwater version of Alien? Yes please! This has received really mixed reviews in the US but I watch all of her movies and this one is no exception. She plays Norah, part of a crew of aquatic researchers who become trapped when an earthquake destroys their lab – but they have more sinister matters to be worried about. I think I might get scared. Review: 7th February

Dark Waters

This may look like a boring legal procedural but it is fascinating and pretty shocking. Mark Ruffalo stars as real-life environmental lawyer Robert Billott, who thinks he is taking on a simple damages case when a farmer claims the run-off from a nearby DuPont landfill site is killing his cows and ruining his livelihood. However, Billott soon discovers the effects of the chemical run-off is far greater than he could have expected. It is an interesting and compelling story. Released: 28th February


Birds of Prey

I love Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn so I’m excited to see her reprise the role for this female ensemble action movie. She teams up with Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and detective Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) to help save a little girl from an evil crime lord. From what I’ve heard, it’s lots of fun, the action scenes are inventive and slick and Robbie steals the show. I’m excited! Released: 7th February

The Invisible Man

I’m seriously intrigued by this. Leigh Whannell, the man who brought us the likes of Saw and Insidious, directs a new take on the classic monster story. This one focuses on Elisabeth Moss, who is convinced she is being haunted by her late abusive ex that nobody else can see. This looks pretty creepy! Released: 28th February


Anya Taylor-Joy plays the titular character in this remake of the classic ’90s period romance starring Gwyneth Paltrow. The quirky comedy follows Emma Woodhouse, who likes to play matchmaker for her friends. During the process of setting up another couple, she accidentally falls in love herself. Released: 14th February

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

This has been earning rave reviews at film festivals and it’s finally getting a release over here. The French period romance tells the story of Marianne, who visits a remote island to paint the portrait of Heloise, and they fall in love. It is very good but it fell slightly short of my high expectations. Definitely worth a watch though.

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