My verdict on Taylor Swift’s new album Lover

Give Taylor Swift some credit, she is the only artist that I like enough to stream (or sometimes buy) their album on the day of release. I’ve now listened to Lover through about three times and I have many thoughts.

I have to admit that I wasn’t excited for this release at all and was worried about it because the lead singles didn’t float my boat and so my expectations were low. All of her recent album releases have been preceded by absolute bangers like We Are Never Getting Back Together, Shake It Off and …Ready For It? Lover didn’t have that – although it turns out it had these on the album along. I’ll never know why Cruel Summer wasn’t the lead single instead of ME!

My biggest takeaway is that it’s such a mixed bag. There are some great tracks on here with gorgeous melodies that I’m already singing along to – like Cruel Summer and Afterglow – then ones I’m totally ambivalent about and forget as soon as they’re finished – like False God and Death by a Thousand Cuts – and some that are so lightweight, fluffy and bubblegum pop that I can’t deal and have to turn over – like ME! and I Think He Knows. I guess this is the risk of putting out an 18-track album. It could have easily been 11 tracks if you cut out the ones I’m not overly fussed about.

Lyrically, some tracks are stunning – Soon You’ll Get Better, about her mum’s battle with cancer, will touch anyone who has been in a similar situation, and I love listening to Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince. Some lyrics aren’t great though, with Paper Rings and London Boy (among others) making me cringe. Like I said, such a mixed bag.

Taylor also relies heavily on a trap-style drum beat which means when you don’t have an interesting melody to hold on to the song is just a bit meh. There are a few that thankfully divert from this – like Soon You’ll Get Better, The Archer and It’s Nice To Have A Friend. The Archer is frustrating because it feels like it’s building to an epic climax but then doesn’t, while Friend is the most interesting musically and doesn’t sound like anything she’s done before.

On that topic, there were a few moments that felt derivative from Reputation songs. The chorus in Miss Americana reminded me of So It Goes and part of the Cornelia Street chorus reminded me of Dress.

I’ve been asked if I prefer this to Reputation (see that album review here) and it’s honestly hard to say at this point. After I few listens I didn’t love a lot of Reputation but now I do (except King of My Heart, that’s still a hard nope) and that might be the case with Lover. But as of right now I can’t imagine ever loving or listening to the last seven tracks of my ranking.

So without further ado, here it is:


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