Top Films for June

It’s the start of June, which means it’s time to look ahead at the releases coming to UK cinemas throughout this month. Here are my top suggestions –

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Sophie Turner has been given her first lead film role as the all-powerful Jean Grey in the latest retelling of the Dark Phoenix storyline, which follows Jean after she absorbs a mysterious cosmic force and becomes unable to control her telepathic and telekinetic powers. Regulars like James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult all return, while the fabulous Jessica Chastain joins as the evil villain. I’m not convinced this will be good, but I’ll certainly be checking it out. Released: 5th June

Late Night  

I love what Mindy Kaling creates/writes so I’m very excited to see her write, produce and star in her first feature film, not to mention the fact that she’s appearing alongside Emma Thompson! Thompson plays late-night talk show host Katherine Newbury, whose show is flagging in the ratings and at risk of being cancelled. She decides she needs more diversity in her all-white male writing room so Molly (Kaling) gets hired. This appeals to me very much. Released: 7th June


Men in Black: International

I love the original Men in Black films and I’m very excited by Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson working together again after Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame. They play two secret MIB agents who travel the globe to fight a series of alien attacks. It looks hilarious and like some serious feel-good fun. The film also stars Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, and Rebecca Ferguson. Released: 14th June

Support the Girls 

I am a huuuuge fan of Haley Lu Richardson so I’m so down to watch Support the Girls because we get to see her in a completely different role. The film stars Regina Hall as the general manager of a Hooters-style highway bar whose optimism is tested over the course of a strange day. So buzzed for this. Released: 28th June


Toy Story 4

Yes, it’s an obvious pick but this is the one I simply cannot wait to see. I felt that Toy Story 3 concluded the storyline perfectly so I really hope the fourth instalment doesn’t ruin that. Please be good! My favourite Tom Hanks is back voicing Woody, while Tim Allen is back as Buzz Lightyear. Woody becomes separated from the group while trying to rescue a makeshift toy named Forky (Tony Hale) and he comes across his old love interest Bo Peep. I’m ready! Released: 21st June


Danny Boyle‘s latest movie, written by Richard Curtis, follows struggling musician Jack (Himesh Patel) who wakes up in an alternate reality where the Beatles never existed and he becomes famous by singing their songs. I must admit that I’m not convinced about the plot of this film but I usually love Curtis’ stuff so I hope to be pleasantly surprised. It also stars Lily James and has an appearance from Ed Sheeran. Released: 28th June

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