I don’t watch Game of Thrones and that’s OK everyone

Right now, with the beginning of the last ever season of Game of Thrones, I feel like I’m missing out on, or not getting the hype for, some big cultural event. I feel like I am one of a tiny handful of people who don’t watch it and are not caught up in the excitement for the ending. Here’s how it feels to be left out of the conversation everyone seems to be having.

Millions and millions of people watch Game of Thrones and the hype for season eight has been gaining momentum for a while, with the actors covering magazines, appearing on talk shows and my friends rewatching episodes in preparation and debating whether to get up early to avoid spoilers. There is no escaping it – it is the main topic of conversation, the cultural talking point, the TV event of the year.

So it is very shocking to people that I don’t watch it. I’m always get greeted with a gasp when I make that revelation and I feel like I have to justify myself. I get it – I generally like what’s popular and like to be up on what everyone’s talking about so I can be involved in the conversation, but Game of Thrones is so not my bag. I’m not doing it to be deliberately contrary or to be seen as cool, edgy and above it all, I simply have films and other TV shows I want to watch more.

I have seen a few full episodes and bits and pieces because of my housemates over the years and I have never once been tempted to go back and binge watch it myself. I’m not really into TV shows or films with a medieval setting and I’m not big on fantasy series. I may have liked it if I’d given it a fair crack, but I had no interest in doing that. I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on, thanks to my housemates, bits I’ve seen and my job as a showbiz journalist so I can follow basic GOT conversation but I’m actually quite thankful I’m not having to do all these spoiler-dodging tactics.

I’ve had this outsider feeling at a few points during the show, like the Red Wedding and Jon Snow (above) dying, but I honestly never anticipated it becoming this big and this talked about. I feel like it’s all I ever hear and write about at the moment. So I must admit I’ll be happy when the season concludes so us non-GOT people can catch a break!

UPDATE (20/05/19): I must admit I’m feeling a bit pleased with myself after hearing people’s feedback about this season, particularly the last two episodes. I feel like my decision to not watch Game of Thrones has been validated and I’m relieved that I’ve not wasted my time watching the show to be disappointed at the final hurdle. I’m also very thankful it’s all over and I won’t keep hearing about it soon enough.

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