Top Films for March

It’s the start of the month which means it’s time for my cinema preview! Here are the releases I’m most excited for in March.

Captain Marvel

I must put my hands up and admit that I am not as excited for Captain Marvel has I have been some of the other MCU films. Perhaps it’s ’cause it has been teased for what feels like forever or ’cause it’s another origins story? Hard to say, but either way I’m gonna check it out. I’ve heard good things and it stars Brie Larson so I have hope. Released: 8th March

The Kindergarten Teacher

I wanted to see this at the London Film Festival and thankfully now it’s getting a limited cinema run. Maggie Gyllenhaaal (who I love) stars as the titular teacher who goes to extreme and questionable lengths when she discovers a five-year-old child prodigy. This premise sounds very exciting to me. Released: 8th March


Ben is Back

I have seen this and I urge you all to check out the performances given by Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts (we love you Julia!) Hedges plays a recovering drug addict who surprises his family by leaving his sober living facility and turning up at home for Christmas. They allow him to stay for 24 hours, but that’s plenty of time for Ben to revert back into old habits. Tense, hard-hitting drama. Review coming soon. Released: 15th March

Five Feet Apart

This looks cute and gives me The Fault in Our Stars vibes. To be honest, the fact that it stars Haley Lu Richardson (remember the name, people, she’s gonna be big) and Riverdale’s Jughead Jones aka Cole Sprouse is the main reason I want to see it. They play two teenagers suffering from life-threatening illnesses who meet in hospital and fall in love. Released: 22nd March



I am excited and terrified to see this in equal measure! Get Out’s Jordan Peele brings us his second horror feature, which stars Black Panther’s Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as a couple who go on vacation with their kids and are confronted by a group of evil doppelgangers. I know I’m gonna poop my pants! I don’t generally do horror but I will man up and watch this 100%. Released: 22nd March


When Dumbo was announced, I groaned because I thought a remake was entirely unnecessary. I’m still not convinced we need it exactly but the trailer has won me over with its emotional moments and spectacular visuals and I think I’m gonna love it. I think I may also need some tissues. The live action cast includes Colin Farrell, Eva Green and Danny DeVito. Released: 29th March.

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