What film should win Best Picture at the 2019 Oscars?

I brought you my detailed predictions for the Best Actor and Actress Oscars categories yesterday, and now it’s time to look to the biggie – Best Picture.

In all honesty, this is quite a hard one to write about because not one of these films feels like a standout Best Picture winner to me and it’s really not clear who it’s going to be. I’m gonna give it a go anyway.


What film I want to win? First Man. Oh wait…. It wasn’t even nominated!!! How could I forget?! Looking at all the nominees, the only ones I gave 5/5 when I reviewed them were BlackKklansman and Green Book so I guess I’ll go with those.

What film will win? Roma or Bohemian Rhapsody or The Favourite. I’d also throw in A Star is Born as an outside bet.



As I explained in my reaction piece to the Oscars nominees, I can’t believe that First Man hasn’t been recognised outside of technical categories this awards season. It was such a good movie!! But, since that’s not nominated, I have to look to the films I liked the most, and those were BlackKklansman and Green Book, but they are never going to win Best Picture.

That means I’d be perfectly happy with Roma taking home the gold, even though I’m not in the ‘it’s a masterpiece’ camp. I think Alfonso Cuaron is a genius, the film is beautiful and it would be so cool if a foreign language film won the big prize. I reckon it could do it.

Bohemian Rhapsody won at the Golden Globes and Outstanding British Film at the BAFTAs but I’m hoping that doesn’t mean it will win an Academy Award, but it has a good chance. I did enjoy the film but it is not well made and it is mind-boggling that it’s done so well this awards season.

I saw The Favourite and A Star is Born in Venice and I liked them and gave them 4/5. I would be cool with these winning as I have no real issue with them. I’ll be shocked if the Academy goes with The Favourite because it’s so quirky but A Star is Born is very much their cup of tea so it could be a surprise (although it’s been virtually shut out this awards season).


That leaves Black Panther and Vice. I didn’t like Vice and I thought it was told in a messy way so I was surprised it was even nominated for Best Picture (should have gone to First Man tbh). I have no issue with Black Panther I just don’t think it deserves to win. It’s not a cut above the usual Marvel fare and I personally loved and enjoyed Avengers: Infinity War more.

The Oscars will take place on Sunday 24th February. I’ll be doing a full predictions list tomorrow so keep an eye out for that.


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