Who should win the Best Actor and Best Actress awards at the 2019 Oscars?

Christian Bale or Rami Malek?

Oscars weekend is upon us! The 2018-2019 awards season culminates with the prestigious Academy Awards on Sunday. The Best Actor and Best Actress categories aren’t completely on lock this year, so here are my choices.


Who I want to win: Christian Bale for Vice

Who I think will win: Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody (Bale could do it though)


Although I didn’t like Vice, I could fully appreciate the transformation Bale gave to become former US Vice President Dick Cheney – he put on a ton of weight and he nailed his voice and mannerisms. Malek’s turn as Queen’s Freddie Mercury was a showier transformation, thanks to his oversized teeth and flamboyant outfits, but I didn’t feel like he became Freddie, he just did a decent impression. Plus, I didn’t think the material in the film – which I had many problems with – gave him much emotional stuff to really sink his teeth into. He was the best thing about the film, but I’m shocked he’s picked up so many awards this season.


Willem Dafoe‘s is easy to explain – I haven’t seen At Eternity’s Gate yet because it doesn’t come out here until the end of March. That is only acting nominee I haven’t been able to comment on but I’ve heard great things about his take on Vincent Van Gogh. Bradley Cooper impressed me as Jackson Maine in A Star Is Born and I would have been cool with him winning but the film has been virtually shut out this awards season and I don’t see that changing. I loved Green Book and Viggo Mortensen‘s performance was excellent, but a lot of people found the film problematic, so maybe that’s why he hasn’t done so well this time.


Glenn Close in The Wife


Who I want to win: Glenn Close for The Wife

Who I think will win: Glenn Close for The Wife


Have you seen her performance in The Wife? It is sensational, moving, heartbreaking etc – I could continue with the superlatives if you want! Her acting is subtly brilliant the whole way through but then she delivers a powerhouse masterclass in those last 10-15 mins. Plus, this is her seventh Oscar nomination and she is yet to win! It’s her time, much like Leo DiCaprio finally winning in 2016 more for his collective efforts than The Revenant (Amy Adams deserves this next!) The Wife didn’t get much advertising here and most people probably hadn’t heard of it before the nominations came out but I had heard the early buzz and I went to the cinema to check it out and it’s a great film. It’s extremely well-written and there’s a brilliant lead dynamic between Close and Jonathan Pryce as her husband. I’m glad such a small film got some awards attention.


My next favourite to win would actually be Yalitza Aparicio, who makes her movie debut with Roma. She’s not a professional actress but you would have no idea because her performance is understated but stunning. That hospital scene killed me. She was brilliant in it. I’m happy for Melissa McCarthy getting another nomination for Can You Ever Forgive Me? She was very good but she was never going to win. Then Olivia Colman and Lady Gaga for The Favourite and A Star Is Born respectively – I saw them at Venice and I never thought they absolutely had to have nominations, even though they impressed me. And, as Colman said at the BAFTAs, it’s unfair her being lead as it’s very much an ensemble piece with Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone.

I will be doing a full predictions post on Sunday so stay tuned for that!


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