What you didn’t see on TV at the 2019 BRIT Awards

Like I said in my BRIT Awards picture post, I had never been inside an awards show before and certainly not one that is televised live so it was a new and exciting experience.

Most of the time it felt like I was simply watching a concert at the O2 Arena – with added Jack Whitehall and awards presentations – but then it would cut to another ad break or a performance would be geared towards a camera rather the audience and you realised the difference.

I’ve watched the TV broadcast now – here are the differences between that and the live show.

Here’s the things that weren’t caught on camera:

– About 10 mins before the show went live, a hype man came onstage to get everybody pumped and in the party mood, especially the Brit School kids in the pit

– The hype man would return every ad break (which seemed to happen all the time) and encourage people to keep the energy up and explain what performance would be next, what parts of the stage would be used, and who would likely end up on camera

– None of the presenters seemed to realise that the acceptance podium was going to rise up out of the floor as the nominees VT played for viewers at home so a crewmember had to make sure they got out of the way

– During one ad break, the crew tested the high pressured smoke jets that was going to be used in Calvin Harris‘ set and Jack Whitehall was stood right beside one and shat his pants!

– Every time Jack went to interview a guest at their table, a crew with a camera and two portable high beam lights would accompany him. You could always tell where the interview was taking place due to this light

– I spotted Anne-Marie standing up and dancing to her song 2002 when it was played as a hype track during the advert break. I later saw her chatting to Calvin Harris

Little Mix got really into the really fast, clubby dance song that was playing during the ad break while they were on stage in position for their performance. As soon as the show went live again they focused and got into the zone

– Little Mix didn’t seem very impressed with Whitehall’s “scatter cushions” comment after their performance – don’t quote me on it but I could have sworn one of them sent him a rude hand gesture as they walked off stage

– Little Mix had a group hug and jumped up and down excitedly after they won their BRIT – it was so cute and it showed how much it genuinely meant to them

– It was obvious from where I was sat that the start of Pink‘s performance (the backstage bit) was pre-recorded. After her acceptance speech, she remained on stage and then this black sheet went up (pic below) so I knew she had never left the stage. Plus I could see a bit of her red outfit hanging down from the ceiling!

The 1975 took forever to reach the stage both times they won. It also feels longer because the live audience don’t hear the voiceover lady spouting out loads of facts

– Stage sweepers came onstage during ad breaks to quickly get rid of the debris from performances

– Every time the screen went down, the crew were taking off the last performance set and setting up the new one. I was so impressed by how fast they did it considering how elaborate some of the set ups looked! Just think how quick they had to change Rag’N’Bone Man and Dua Lipa‘s sets!! Example below.

Crew bring sets on and off the stage via this hidden door

Things I didn’t see even though I was there:

– Jack Whitehall joining in with The Greatest Showman opener. There were so many people on stage and I was kinda far away so it was hard to tell. It took me forever to even find Hugh Jackman – I completely missed the moment when he popped up at the top of the “cake”!!

– I couldn’t appreciate Sam Smith‘s moves in his plastic box and diva struts etc because he was so far away. I only realised Winnie Harlow was on stage just before the end! Also: I’ve watched the performance back and he sounded so much worse than I thought while I was there – how weird!

– A lot of the performances are geared towards TV so I didn’t catch all of it while there – for example, Little Mix’s chair routine was far away and they did a lot of walking away from the audience. It looked much better on TV, as did Pink’s segment to Try – the bit where she danced in the rain in front of these clever visuals – you needed to be sat straight on for the visual effects to be appreciated

– I couldn’t figure out who Pink was singing Just Give Me A Reason with – I had to Google it after! I was like “That’s not Nate Reuss! … Who is that?! … Is that bloody Calum Scott?!” (It wasn’t Calum Scott, it was Bastille’s Dan Smith)

– Besides Anne-Marie and Clean Bandit, who were sat on the closest tables to my side, I couldn’t pick out the other celeb guests until they were interviewed or they won. I was later able to identify Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa and Little Mix.


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