What my first BRIT Awards experience was like

The Greatest Showman crew getting ready for the show to start!

In case you didn’t notice from my previous posts – my picture gallery and behind-the-scenes gossip – I went to the BRITs for the first time ever last night. It was also my first time inside an actual awards show, not to mention a live one, and I had no idea what to really expect. Here is what my first BRIT Awards experience was like.


I got my ticket very last minute, to fill in for a work colleague, and I was worried that something was going to happen at media accreditation so told very few that I was going. I didn’t need to worry – I showed up and was given this with my ticket in:

The ticket collection for press opened at 7pm and we had to be seated by 7.45pm in time for the show to start at 8pm so I figured I’d head to my entrance since it was the furthest away. (Side note: When did a shopping mall pop up inside the O2 Arena?) I’m glad I did this because the queue to get through airport-style security was pretty big, but nowhere near as big as it was for the people behind me:

I didn’t know this in advance, but were also given wristbands to the after-party and a voucher for one item of food and drink for free, so I obviously went for a pizza, even though I had dinner before I came (What? It was FREE!) We could have taken the food into the auditorium but I didn’t want to be lumbered with a pizza box so I wolfed 2/3s of it down before 7.45pm. I’m not a speedy eater, btw.

The seating deadline wasn’t really that strict, it turns out, so I could have eaten at a more leisurely pace. But, I’m glad I did because it meant I had found my seat and could take all my pics etc before seeing Hugh Jackman open the show. Honestly, if I’d missed him because of that security queue I would have been fuming. Quite a few people did – there were a lot of empty seats for his performance as everyone was still filing in!



I did my main coverage of the performances and a comparison of what I saw in the show compared to what you saw on TV (I’ve watched the broadcast too) in this post, but here, I wanted to rate the performances and explain my reasoning:

1. Pink – she is a fantastic performer and love all her songs – her entrance was epic, I love a bit of dramatic pyrotechnics, the Try segment with the rain and digital effects was beautiful and the dance break in What About Us was incredible

2. Little Mix – I am a sucker for choreography and their Woman Like Me performance had a fresh arrangement and killer choreo. The bits on the chairs was insane and the dance break (yes my top two have dance breaks!) was so good I was cheering so hard. I love them and they smashed it – I just wished I could have seen the steps and chairs bits slightly closer up (that part can be best appreciated on TV)

3. Hugh Jackman – I truly expected this to come up top because I love The Greatest Showman and The Greatest Show is one of my favourites from the soundtrack but I found the whole thing too overwhelming to take in – lots going on, with dancers, gymnastics, pyro… It’s easier to enjoy him on TV because the camera focuses on him, but while there, I couldn’t find him for ages because there were so many dancers! I just didn’t know where to look. However, I love the “It’s everything you ever want, it’s everything you ever need” line and when he sang it I had tears in my eyes cause I was so happy to be witnessing it live!

Sam Smith and Calvin Harris do Promises

4. Calvin Harris and company – the sets for this performance were incredible and it was very feel good. I was very impressed by how meticulous the timing of the medley was and how quickly the crew switched sets between Rag’N’Bone Man and Dua Lipa. I couldn’t really see any of the Sam Smith stuff up close and I don’t know where Winnie Harlow sprang from! I found Dua’s bit slightly dull though and her vocals weren’t great, sadly.

5. Jess Glynne – I haven’t been paying much attention to Jess this album cycle but I must give her props for this. It was a powerful, moving idea and executed very well. I was captivated by it and she sounded amazing.

6. Jorja Smith – I didn’t know the song and it came across quite boring on TV but she sounded so good that I was impressed and realised I should probably check her music out.

7. George Ezra – I know all the words to Shotgun (blame the radio) so it was fun singing along. It was a pretty simple performance but the visuals were cool, as were the band

8. The 1975 – I didn’t know the song and Matt Healy could have done more with his travelator. Bit dull.



OK, so I didn’t know that I would get an after-party wristband and I had work early the following day but it was literally next to the O2 at the Intercontinental Hotel so I figured I would pop in and check it out. It soon became quite apparent that hundreds of non-celeb guests had been given the same access as the queue was huge and we were basically herded there like cattle. There was me hoping for VIP treatment!!

I don’t know what I was expecting the after-party to look like, but I certainly didn’t predict there to be VR experiences, an MJ dance thing and plastic tents containing Daleks, a Mad Hatters Tea Party and more. It was bizarre. I walked around, took some snaps and had one (free) drink and left about 15 mins later. It was pretty clear that this party was for regular Joe’s and not the A-list!

So that’s it for my BRIT Awards coverage! It was a complete fluke that I got to go and trust me when I say that it was not lost on me how much of an amazing opportunity it was. I felt so lucky, grateful and happy to be there and I teared up a few times just thinking of that fact!

You can check out my picture gallery here and behind-the-scenes gossip here.


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