Golden Globes 2019: My favourite looks

You’ve read about the winners, now it’s time to look at the red carpet fashion.

Last night it was the Golden Globes and there were some interesting looks on the red carpet. There were a lot that I liked – Julia Roberts and Kristen Bell are particular faves – but so many more that I didn’t. I have cut it down to ten each, so here are my 10 favourite looks and my ten least favourite looks.

Let me know if you agree with my choices.

My favourites

Julia Roberts

Kristen Bell

Constance Wu

Saoirse Ronan

Rachel Brosnahan

Lady Gaga

Rachel Weisz

Thandie Newton

Charlize Theron

Catherine Zeta-Jones


My least favourite looks


Anne Hathaway

Kate Mara

Elisabeth Moss

Gina Rodriguez

Amber Heard

Debra Messing

Maya Rudolph

Halle Berry

Claire Foy

Janelle Monae


  1. […] at the moment is Julia Roberts – she’s wearing a similar look to the Globes last week (round-up here) but I love it regardless. Amy Adams is making me sad, she needs to ditch that stylist and wear […]


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