The Walking Dead time jump has filled me with hope

Basically every recent post that I’ve written about The Walking Dead has been negative and so I naturally went into the time jump episode (which takes place about six-seven years after Rick’s ‘death’) with low expectations, thinking it would be rubbish without Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the mix – so imagine my surprise when I liked the episode and was left feeling positive about the future of the show.


I really thought I would miss Rick and Maggie – two of my favourite characters – following their departure, but I actually didn’t. It was interesting seeing how the world and the characters in it had changed. The Saviour battle had grown stale and boring, so it was a good idea to give the show a little reset and send it in a new direction. As long as it doesn’t fall back into the same pacing issues it has suffered for a while now I will stick with it.

There was a lot to take in during this episode – and I will delve into those in a moment – but the most exciting thing was definitely the ending which marked the arrival of the Whisperers – humans who hide within walker packs – and the gang’s latest enemy. I was genuinely scared and shocked when I heard the walker pack whisper “don’t let them get away”. OMG!! I had to research because at first I thought the zombies had magically develop talking abilities.

Also, there was no mention of Maggie but a big event clearly happened during the time jump which made the communities fall out. We know Lauren Cohan has left the show but may return, so Maggie hasn’t died, but the event was big enough to make them really wary about taking in strangers and they have set up a council, with Michonne (Danai Gurira) as head of security. I’m really excited for the next episode and to see what has happened to Hilltop and who is in charge (my guess is Tara).

Other random thoughts –

  • Father Gabriel and Rosita?! WTF!! That romance makes no sense and I don’t buy it, not one single bit
  • Still not feeling Carol and Ezekiel’s relationship but they’re married now so will have to just accept it
  • Alexandria looks sweet these days
  • Michonne was pregnant when Rick died as she now has a child (!!)
  • There are more children in the mix – with Carol and Ezekiel being adoptive parents to Henry, and Aaron adopting Gracie from the Sanctuary. Setting up the new generation – nice.
  • Negan and Judith are homework pals – cool
  • I hope Negan gets evil again, but I’m glad the Sanctuary is no more and there’s not many Saviors left
  • Carol is back to her nasty ways. Damn that was cold!
  • Eugene was about to confess his crush on Rosita – awkward
  • Eugene has ditched his dreaded mullet. YAAAAAY!
  • CGI is still f**king awful. Come on guys, do better!
  • Where does Darryl fit into all this?
  • I want to know everything about Maggie, Hilltop and the event they won’t talk about!

For the first time in a long time, I’m genuinely excited about the next episode of The Walking Dead, which can only be a good thing.

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