What I saw at the 2018 London Film Festival

Usually at the end of the London Film Festival, I create a top ten list highlighting my favourites. I’m not going to do that this year, simply because I only managed to watch a lame 16 films (very poor show!) and because I don’t really know what I would put top!

Everything I have seen this LFF has been good, but I’ve seen nothing which I thought was a cut above the rest, so the majority of my films have been 4/5 stars. But at least I haven’t seen anything awful, as nothing got less than three stars.

But still, I like to create a handy index of my reviews, so here they are. I haven’t got an obvious 1,2,3 ranking system, but know that the ones I liked the most are towards the top in some vague semblance of an order. Click on the links to go through to the review itself.


The Hate U Give


The Guilty

A Private War

Stan & Ollie

The Sisters Brothers

Utoya: July 22

Sorry to Bother You

Beautiful Boy

Vox Lux

The Old Man and The Gun



Life Itself

Fahrenheit 11/9

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

As always, I want to conclude my LFF 2018 coverage by thanking everyone who read anything on the site during the past 12 days. My stats went wild!

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