Q&A with Matt Bomer at the Papi Chulo LFF premiere

Tonight Matt Bomer hit the red carpet at the VUE cinema in London’s Leicester Square for the premiere of his new indie movie Papi Chulo – and I had the pleasure of speaking to him.

Check out our interview below:

Did you take lessons to learn how to be a weatherman? 

Well hopefully at this point in my life I’ve seen enough weather broadcasts and there’s enough resource online to sort of see how the general… but we had source material that was particular to the circumstances of (his character) Sean so we drew from that. I got there a little bit early and familiarised myself with the green screen and the clicker.

I thought you might have gone to a news show or something. 

I think for certain projects I probably would have but John was so specific in the pieces we were drawing from that I leaned heavily on that.

What was Alejandro (Patino) like as a co-star? 

The best. He was so present and lived-in in the performance, from our first rehearsal through to filming. I just fell in love, just like Sean did. It was so easy. He’s a really funny guy, we had a great time in between takes and then had more fun when the cameras were rolling.

Did you get to do some improv?

Oh yeah, John’s (Butler) a wonderful director to work with because he’s not overly precious. Sometimes when you work with a writer-director they’re very specific about punctuation, etc. He’s very gracious with his material and wherever it takes you on the day, and being present with that and letting go of things, that’s one of things that made it so fun to work with him.

How did you celebrate your birthday in London?

We just walked around London. We just landed so we were a bit jetlagged, but we walked around and then had an amazing dinner at Scott’s in Mayfair.

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