Michelle Rodriguez and Daniel Kaluuya at the Widows LFF premiere

Tonight the 2018 London Film Festival kicked off with Widows, its opening night gala, and to celebrate, director Steve McQueen hit the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square with castmembers including Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez and Daniel Kaluuya.

I already knew that Kaluuya was a nice guy after being in the press room with him following his BAFTA win earlier this year, but his behaviour on the red carpet cemented that. He was so good with the fans – he spent a lot of time with them and properly interacted with them.

Despite how great he was, he still wasn’t the best – that crown goes to Rodriguez. I have never seen her in real life before and I didn’t know what to expect as she plays all these tough badass characters onscreen but she is awesome. She was fun, she had energy and enthusiasm and seemed to actually be enjoying herself. She didn’t just sign for fans, she did lots of selfies; pulling funny faces and making silly poses, and she chatted with them. At one point she was being told by publicists to stop so she could do her on stage interview but she couldn’t drag herself away from the fans and kept going – when they were insistent, she told the fans she would be back and she kept her word. She went in way after everyone else, and as she did, she yelled out to everyone thanking them for coming. I like her a lot. You can judge a lot about a star watching how they are with fans.

Davis was surprising, however. I really got the impression something was up. She seemed really grumpy and her husband stood by her side during her interviews. She was smiling for pictures and when she was on camera but then it would quickly drop. She did sign for some fans though.

Dominic Cooper, who is serving on the LFF jury, also made an appearance on the red carpet.

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Widows is one of the films I’m excited to see at LFF – see the rest here.

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