Emma Stone and Justin Theroux at the Maniac world premiere: My Pics

Tonight, Emma Stone and Justin Theroux, the stars of upcoming Netflix series Maniac, came to London for the world premiere. You can see all my pics of them inside.

Netflix don’t do red carpet premieres for their TV shows often so this was something quite unique. They also shunned the traditional Leicester Square setting for the Southbank Centre, which they dressed up to look a bit Neberdine Pharmaceutical and Biotech from the series, complete with access passes and people dressed as scientists.

Stone worked the carpet, the press and the crowd, which I found impressive considering she has been doing loads of film festival appearances at the moment – I only saw her in Venice a couple of weeks ago – Theroux did a lot of press but couldn’t tell about the fans. Sadly, they were rushed along and inside the cinema even though the screening didn’t start for another 45 minutes. It was baffling.

I was gutted that Jonah Hill wasn’t there to be honest. He’s awesome in this.

Other celebs in attendance included director Cary Fukunaga, writer Patrick Somerville, and guest Asa Butterfield.

Maniac hits Netflix on 21 September.

Click on the pics below to enlarge.

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