SpiceUp London: Inside the new Spice Girls exhibition

I am a HUGE Spice Girls fan so there was no question about whether I was going to check out SpiceUp London, an exhibition about the girls at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. Click inside to find out more!

The exhibition is basically filled with costumes, merchandise and footage about the girls. You enter through a funky light-up walkway and into a room lined with outfits associated with different single releases. Other sections include costumes and memorabilia from Spice World the film, and live performance clothes. There is also a room showing the film and another level about them as solo stars – with lengthy biographies, clothes and merch, and of course, the epic Spicebus is in the car park!

This exhibition is pretty squarely aimed at major fans of the girls and it was nice to be walking around it with others singing along to their back catalogue. It presents some new facts, but it wasn’t massively informative for me since I know a lot about them already.

I did have some issues with the signage though – I wish they had hired me as a proofreader because there were so many spelling and grammar errors that it really wound me up! It just made it come across quite amateur. Also, some outfits didn’t have signs with them so you had no idea who wore them and when, or there were some signs that listed outfits that weren’t there.

So I enjoyed the exhibition because it was a way to celebrate the Spice Girls with fellow fans and see their clothes and epic shoes up close and personal, but it just needed a bit of polish to match the standard of exhibitions by the V&A, for example.

You can buy tickets for SpiceUp London here. I would recommend going during the day if you can, because I had the pleasure of walking around with just a few other people.

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge.

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