Top Films for August

Today is the first of August – which means it’s time to look forward to the releases coming to UK cinemas this month. Here are my movie recommendations for the next few weeks:

Ant-Man and the Wasp 

I wasn’t particularly excited about this release, even though I love the MCU. However, I have seen it and can firmly say it is a lot of fun and properly entertaining. Paul Rudd is back as Scott Lang, who breaks his house arrest to help Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and Hope van Dyne/ the Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) reach their wife/mother Janet (Michelle Pfeiffer) who is stuck in the quantum realm. Plot is sketchy, but it’s very funny. Here’s my review. Released: 2nd August

Christopher Robin 

Didn’t think we’d be getting two Winnie-the-Pooh films so close together (after Goodbye Christopher Robin), but oh well, here’s the next one – and it looks super cute. Ewan McGregor stars as an adult Christopher Robin, who has lost his sense of imagination. He is visited by Pooh (via CGI) and his friends from a Hundred Acre Wood to help him find it again. This looks adorable – I can’t wait! Released: 17th August


The Spy Who Dumped Me 

Kate McKinnon? In a spy movie? That is all I needed to know to be sold on this film, to be honest! I love her so much. She is joined by Mila Kunis (who I also enjoy very much) and they play two friends who are chased around Europe by a bunch of assassins after one of their exes (played by Justin Theroux) turns out to be a CIA agent. It look hilarious! Released: 22nd August


Spike Lee‘s latest movie looks awesome. Based on a true story, the crime film follows an African-American detective, played by Denzel Washington‘s son John David, who sets out to infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. It also stars Adam Driver, which automatically means I will be watching. Released: 24th August


The Children Act 

Emma Thompson gives a tremendous performance as a judge forced to decide whether a teenage Jehovah’s Witness boy (played by Fionn Whitehead) should have a life-saving blood tranfusion, even though it is against his and his parents’ beliefs. It is a tough moral dilemma and a fascinating watch. Stanley Tucci is also an excellent co-star. DISCLAIMER: I was an extra in this movie – look out for me in the church congregation scene. Blink and you’ll miss it! Released: 24th August

The Happytime Murders

This could either be absolute genius or complete trash – but I’m willing to find out. Melissa McCarthy stars alongside a puppet (yes, you read correctly) to help discover a serial killer who has been murdering the puppet cast of an ’80s children’s TV show. This is so wild and intriguing and I’m ready for some R-rated comedy shenanigans starring puppets! Released: 27th August

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