Swimming With Men: Film Review

I wasn’t particularly bothered about catching Swimming with Men but my mind was changed after I saw Rob Brydon‘s promotional appearance on Graham Norton and was left in stitches by the clip that was shown. The whole film is exactly like that – a very funny watch.

Brydon plays Eric, an accountant who is a bit fed up with life and has convinced himself that his wife Heather (Jane Horrocks) is having an affair with her boss so moves out of the family home. He seeks solace in his regular evening swim and it’s there that he meets an all-male amateur synchronised swimming group, who suggests he join to even out their numbers.

The swim team features some of the faces we know and love from TV like Daniel Mays, Thomas Turgoose, Jim Carter and Adeel Akhtar. There are a lot of different, well-defined characters in the bunch which provides great opportunity for comedy. The chemistry between them is excellent and they seem to be having fun with it so you can’t help but have fun along with them. They are a loveable bunch of misfits of all shapes and sizes who just get together to help motivate themselves through life, and they are based on a real-life Norwegian swim team who makes an appearance in the movie.

The script is hilarious but these comedic talents drive the jokes home even more, making me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. Their rehearsal scenes – aided by coach Charlotte Riley – are ace and their choreographed routines are a joy to behold. It is an unusual and interesting film that will lift you up and leave you with a smile on your face.

In cinemas Friday 6th July 


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