Patrick: Film Review

I feel Disney, under their newly-revived Buena Vista International label, have put no advertising budget into Patrick at all – I haven’t seen much promotional material around, and only really knew about it thanks to Beattie Edmondson and her mum Jennifer Saunders‘ appearance on Graham Norton. After seeing Patrick, I can understand why – it is nice and cute, but nothing to rave on about.

Edmondson plays Sarah, who has just been dumped and is a bit of a mess. One day, her life gets turned upside down when her late grandmother bequeaths her a very spoiled and misbehaved pug named Patrick. It isn’t an ideal situation – Sarah lives in a rented flat where dogs aren’t allowed and has no one to look after him when she starts a teaching job at a new school – but they soon learn to live with each other.

I’ve never seen Edmondson’s work before so I didn’t know what to expect going in. She’s not the most realistic actress in the world – some of her reactions are very over-the-top and comedic in a theatrical sense, but she is very likeable. It took me a while to get to like Sarah, but once you do, you’re behind her all the way and want her to be happy and learn how to live with Patrick, who is cute but very naughty and mischievous. I would be pulling my hair out!

The moments of Sarah bonding and learning to co-exist with Patrick are great to watch but the script needed a lot of work. Things just seemed to land in Sarah’s lap which would just never happen – from getting a new place to live to being offered a date by a vet’s receptionist. The romantic comedy side of things had some issues, mainly being very cheesy and unrealistic, but it is still very cute.

Edmondson has a strong support cast too, ranging from her mum as a co-worker who is always sharing sweet treats in the staff room, Ed Skrein and Tom Bennett as her love interests, Emily Atack as the PE teacher, and Adrian Scarborough as the headteacher.

Patrick is a lovely, pleasant watch that is best enjoyed if you leave your brain at the door and don’t critically analyse what happens too much. It is uplifting, will put a smile on your face and leave you wanting a dog. Possibly not worth the cinema trip unless you have children to entertain, but it’s perfect fodder for a chilled Sunday afternoon in.

In cinemas Friday 29th June 

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