Tully: Film Review

I was into Tully as soon as I saw Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis‘ names attached to it, but I was sold on it as soon as I realised it was another collaboration between Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody (Juno dream team), but it was better, and way more powerful, than I ever expected.

Theron plays Marlo, a mother who has recently given birth to her third child, Mia, a sibling to her eight-year-old Sarah and her son Jonah, who seems to have social/behavioural problems. She is struggling to cope, and her husband Drew (Ron Livingston) is swamped at work and doesn’t pay attention to her, so she takes up her brother Craig (Mark Duplass)’ offer of a night nanny named Tully (Davis), who completely changes her life.

Tully was so much more than I expected. There is a twist and it would be unfair to say what it is, but it makes you sit up and pay attention. It’s not just a basic drama about motherhood, it is way more. It’s much deeper, with much more to say. I liked it anyway, but that twist ending was just wow – it was moving, powerful, and yep, I cried!!

Theron’s performance was fantastic. She threw herself into that role. After a string of blockbusters, she reminds us what a good actress she is. Marlo is stressed, on her last nerve, and just needs some help. She forms this wonderful bond with Tully, who brings light into her life and sees her as a person, not just as a mum. She’s a free spirit and full of wisdom and Marlo is totally charmed by her.

I love Davis too – she is just wonderful. Tully brings this burst of energy and hope to Marlo’s life. I want Davis to be in more movies please! Livingston’s character was annoying, a dad preferring to play video games in bed rather than do things with his wife, but he gets some good emotional work towards the end.

Tully seemed like a straight-forward comedy-drama on the surface but that is dumbing it down. It is smart, incredibly moving and with a killer cast. Highly recommend.

In cinemas now 

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