Michael Pearce on casting Pascal in Beast

Recently, director Michael Pearce and actors Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn sat down for a Q&A about their film Beast, and here are some highlights.

You can read my review here, but basically Beast is a psychological thriller about a girl named Moll (Buckley) who is torn between her oppressive family and an outsider named Pascal (Flynn) who has been accused of a series of murders.

During the chat, Pearce revealed that Trystan Gravelle, who plays Clifford, the police officer who fancies Moll, originally came in to read for Pascal, and while he was very good, he was too obvious physically for the part.

Here’s what Pearce said:

“He actually came in to read for Pascal, before we (Flynn) met each other. He’s quite wolfish, he’s got this hair and he’s big and he’s got his physical presence. When he came in, he actually did a phenomenal read for Pascal but then I thought maybe this is more interesting with him playing Clifford, and he was the guy that was yearning. He was the straight guy, we had someone that looked like what would traditionally be the Beast. It was interesting to flip that.”

He also revealed that he didn’t consider Flynn for the part until he saw him in the play Hangmen, in which he plays a sociopath.

Beast is in cinemas from Friday 27th April


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