I Kill Giants: Film Review

I had never heard of the actress Madison Wolfe before but I certainly won’t forget the name now because she is absolutely captivating in I Kill Giants.

She stars as Barbara Thorson, a girl who spends her days setting up traps to guard her world from giants. She indulges in this fantasy world to escape from the realities of life, with the help of new friend Sophia (Sydney Wade) and school counsellor Mrs. Molle (Zoe Saldana).

At first, you know something is up with Barbara’s real life – her and her brother are basically being raised by their older sister Karen (Imogen Poots) – but you don’t know what has happened to the parents. Logic makes you think the giants are part of her imagination but she is so convinced about her mission that you can’t help but wonder if she knows something we don’t.

Wolfe is brilliant. She is basically in every scene in the film and holds her own with ease. Thorson has a chip on her shoulder, doesn’t care that she has no friends, and has no times for bullies because she has bigger fish to fry – she needs to save everybody from the giants and she’s the only one who knows how. She refuses to believe anyone that tells her they aren’t real and you occasionally wonder if she has some mental health problems, but the truth is much more heartbreaking. It might seem like a simple fantasy, but this role requires some emotional weight and Wolfe ably handles that alongside the more fantastical elements.

Saldana has a small but important role as the counsellor who is trying to help Barbara, who is obnoxious and rude to her, but she keeps pressing on. Wade is adorable as Sophia, who wants to be friends with Barbara but is scared about her quest, and Poots, as the sister with too much responsibility on her shoulders and is on the verge of cracking.

I Kill Giants presents a really interesting story and plays with some big themes that really hit you emotionally towards the end. Don’t write this off as a basic fantasy story – it is so much more.

In cinemas Friday 6th April

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