Taylor Swift’s Delicate music video: My reaction

When Taylor Swift announced that she was dropping the music video for Delicate at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday, I couldn’t help but get quite excited. I was expecting an ‘event’, like Bad Blood or Look What You Made Me Do, which also had awards show premieres.

Against all common sense, I pictured Taylor (who has been flying under the radar for months) showing up on the iHeartRadio red carpet with boyfriend Joe Alwyn and presenting a loved-up video which he stars in. Very unlikely, but the gossip in me really wanted that to happen!!

Delicate was not at all what I expected, given that the song is pretty much a ballad about love. Taylor did do some dancing in LWYMMD but this is the most we’ve seen. I was shocked and amazed. Never would have thought she would make a video like this!

It was nice to see her being her old awkward and funny self again, after loads of ‘cool’ videos. I just wish she would go back to that personally rather than being so removed from the public eye. We want you back!

As soon as she started her crazy awkward dancing, I thought of this 2016 Kenzo advert:

And it turns out I’m not the only one. It isn’t exactly the same, as some people have been saying on Twitter, but it’s very similar and I thought of it immediately.

I must say, I really enjoyed Delicate when she moved to the subway and the rainy streets. That was cool and her splits on the car looked awesome. I was really expecting Joe to show up at the bar though. Sad that didn’t happen.

Here’s the video:

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