Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Lawrence at the Red Sparrow London premiere: My pics

Last night, Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton were joined by their co-stars at the European premiere of Red Sparrow in London’s Leicester Square – and I have all the pics.

It was a different set-up than usual – the fans and photographers were outside in the cold but the press line was upstairs in the bar area, and those of us who were at the end of the press line could see the bar and any celebs lingering near it – which proved to be very handy.

Because of that, I can’t say how they were with fans but everyone was good with the press – except Jennifer. I am a huge fan of her work but I wasn’t impressed with her behaviour that evening. She spoke to perhaps 2-3 publications before sacking off the press and going to the bar, where she chilled out for 20-30 minutes before the film started. She could have completed the line in that time! Luckily, because of our position on the carpet, we could see her and get pics! That was until her personal bodyguard stood in the way, shielding her completely and telling off anyone shooting video. Booo! Here is a pic:

Our position was also useful for another reason – both Jeremy Irons and Joel stopped at the bar before doing the press line, so we saw them there first and got candid pics. Joel spotted us taking pics of him and he actually came over, pretending he was a regular Joe and had no idea what was taking place, sneaking up on the journalists beside us and asking what’s going on. Here’s a video (courtesy of Loose Lips):

Here are the rest of my pics of Joel, Jennifer and Jeremy, plus director Francis Lawrence and Matthias Schoenaerts. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.




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