My pictures from the 2018 BAFTAs

Timothee Chalamet

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the BAFTAs and I was on both the red carpet and in the winners’ press conference room, and you can see all the pictures I took below.

The press conference is a great way of seeing your favourites up close and in the flesh – so it was cool to see Allison Janney, Sam Rockwell and Daniel Kaluuya after their wins (see the main winners here). But then it only works if the winners want to attend – meaning we didn’t get Gary Oldman, Frances McDormand or Martin McDonagh (for the Best Film win). Kaluuya was the most entertaining interviewee by far – what a nice guy!

The red carpet is exciting in a different way because you’re essentially playing spot the celebrity and testing your recognition skills. It is rare to get A-listers doing interviews at the BAFTAs so you just have to have your camera ready and waiting for them to come whizzing past (hence why my pix are somewhat blurry!) Some are surrounded in such a crowd I literally didn’t see them – like Angelina Jolie and Margot Robbie – no matter how hard I tried. I saw a great deal of people, but getting pictures of them, not so much. So many people on the carpet in one go, not just celebs, so it is a photography challenge!

Here are my efforts. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.


  1. […] already knew that Kaluuya was a nice guy after being in the press room with him following his BAFTA win earlier this year, but his behaviour on the red carpet cemented […]


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