Molly’s Game: Film Review

Jessica Chastain is one of my favourite actresses – she always gives an excellent performance and always picks interesting roles. She makes no exception with Molly’s Game, which tells an absolutely fascinating true story.

Jessica plays Molly Bloom, who is arrested by the FBI for running one of the world’s most exclusive high stakes poker games. She has just released a memoir (on which the film is based!) and is hoping lawyer Charlie (Idris Elba) will represent her as she fights charges of running an illegal game and having ties to the Russian mob. This is interpersed with Molly’s story – how she went from a Olympic-class skiing protege who puts off a place at law school to a drug-addicted, troubled woman running games with Hollywood celebrities, sports stars and business tycoons.

I love scripts written by Aaron Sorkin – they are so dense, rich and interesting that I just soak them up – and he not only wrote Molly’s Game but directed it too. It is just so good that I don’t really know what else to say. I was hooked from the opening, with a rapid fire narration from Chastain filled with skiing facts. I struggled to take it all in but I was riveted immediately, and that never ceased throughout its two-hour runtime thanks to the strength of the performances, writing and the story, which is fascinating and filled with so many incredible moments (seriously, Molly has been through so much, I’m amazed how they fit it all in!)

Molly is a very interesting character and Chastain was the perfect casting for it. She really humanises her and makes you understand why Molly made those decisions, no matter how questionable. You get her reasoning at the time and don’t judge her. However, she could be an unreliable narrator! There are so many sides to Molly and she is seriously complex, which makes her so compelling.

Elba is good but doesn’t really get a moment to shine, Kevin Costner is amazing as Molly’s dad, who she gets to share one of the film’s standout scene in terms of dialogue and emotional resonance, and Michael Cera, Chris O’Dowd and Brian d’Arcy James play poker players that have serious impact on Molly’s game.

In cinemas Monday 1st January 


  1. Will definitely check this out on your recommendation (and the fact that I would go gay for Idris).

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  2. Fab x

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  1. […] until it all came crashing down over her links to the Russian mob. Riveting stuff. Read my review here. In cinemas […]


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