Wonder: Film Review

If you’re after a nice, sweet, heartwarming story that might make you well up, then Wonder is exactly what you need.

It stars Jacob Tremblay as Auggie Pullman, who suffers from Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic disorder which leaves him with a deformed face. He has been home-schooled by his mum Isabel (Julia Roberts) but Isabel and his dad Nate (Owen Wilson) decide he should go to school for the beginning of middle school. Auggie struggles to fit in and be accepted by his peers but he eventually makes friends once they see him for who he really is.

This is a sentimental movie but it doesn’t lay it on too thick and become overwhelmed by schmaltz. There is a thin line and luckily it doesn’t cross it, thanks to its charm witty humour always pulling us back from sadness, for example. I was expecting to bawl my eyes out, but it isn’t THAT sad. That being said, I did tear up several times because it was just so sweet and some scenes made my heart feel like it could burst as it was so lovely.

I like that it is told from a number of different perspectives, with name headings and a change in narrator to signal the switch. Auggie is very unique and has a lot of issues to deal with daily, but the people who love him are affected by that too and I’m glad they got their share of the spotlight. I personally really connected with his sister Via (Izabela Vidovic) a lot because she feels like she doesn’t get any attention from her parents as Auggie always has it. Although not to the same extent, I think anyone with siblings will understand how Via feels when her feelings/issues are put behind Auggie’s.

Auggie has a remarkable story and it makes you think how you would cope if you were in his shoes. He is so freaking brave and kids are so mean! That being said, I think everyone will have experienced something like the friendship stories in the movie – with Auggie wondering how you can recognise a true friend, and Via not understanding why her bestie doesn’t want to be anymore.

The performances are all impressive, with Vidovic and her best friend Miranda (Danielle Rose Russell) and Auggie’s friend Jack Will (Noah Jupe) being standouts for me. I just got their feelings more and connected with them all so much. Tremblay was an excellent casting choice – I dread to think of the amount of prosthetics he wore – I love Roberts always, I want her in more stuff, and although Wilson was essentially being himself, it was nice to see him playing a grown-up, responsible and loving father.

Wonder is an absolute delight that will cheer up no end and give you so many feels. Definitely check it out.

In cinemas Friday 1st December


  1. The Cinematic Explorer says:

    You’re right; the numerous perspectives definitely did give the film a much more layered depth, but it also made me cry a hell of a lot more…

    Liked by 1 person


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