Daddy’s Home 2: Film Review

The first Daddy’s Home was fine, but hit-and-miss and ultimately forgettable, and while Daddy’s Home 2 is marginally better (and I do mean marginally), it is essentially more of the same.

Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell), who were at war in the first film, have now established a great co-dad arrangement and have built an amicable father/stepfather relationship. That’s until the Christmas holidays when Dusty’s dad Kurt (Mel Gibson) arrives and tries to stir up conflict, while Brad’s uncomfortably close relationship with his dad Don (John Lithgow) shows what’s lacking in Dusty and Kurt’s. This is put under the microscope even more when they rent out a remote cabin for Christmas, along with Dusty’s ex-wife and Brad’s new wife Sara (Linda Cardellini), their kids, Dusty’s new wife Karen (Alessandra Ambrosio) and her daughter Adrianna.

With the sequel, much like the original, the physical comedy set pieces, like Brad pulling all the Christmas lights off the cabin, are not that funny or they are ruined in the trailer. They are just ridiculous and reek of trying too hard. The dialogue is more effective with the humour and even then there are many misses. I did still laugh a lot though and there is great chemistry between Wahlberg and Ferrell.

Gibson was a good choice for Dusty’s cool and good-with-the-ladies dad and Lithgow was sweet and adorable in a pathetic way. They added a new dynamic to the mix and it gave rise to more comedy and the festive angle gave it a new hook. I’m glad it wasn’t exactly the same as the first, with Dusty and Brad trying to one-up each other.

Although it feels a bit generic and lazy in places, this is a harmless popcorn comedy that will likely entertain the masses. It is plenty of fun and will leave you feeling festive.

In cinemas Wednesday 22nd November

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