My top 5 tracks from Taylor Swift’s Reputation

I would have preferred to have simply streamed Taylor Swift’s latest album Reputation but that wasn’t option, so I played into her money-making strategy and bought the damn thing. Here’s my verdict:

I loved Red and 1989 and Reputation is definitely not as good as those (at least on the first few listens), but it’s not as weak as I thought it would be. I had no confidence this time around and I wasn’t that excited to listen to it. I had fully expected it to be this cynical, bitter diatribe against the haters, and while there are some songs like that (hello, Look What You Made Me Do), it is still very much old Taylor, with many 1989-reminiscent songs.

Although it was a struggle, I’ve ranked all 15 songs and then gone into detail about my five favourites.

Here are my highlights from Reputation at the moment:

…Ready For It?

The lead single from an album is traditionally supposed to be the best or the one to encourage people to buy it, but the second release, …Ready For It?, was definitely stronger than Look What You Made Me Do. I don’t love the starting Inception-type noises or the music video, but the hook and chorus are excellent and I have danced to it plenty of times.

Getaway Car

This is a great song in terms of melody AND lyrics, which are brutal as hell. It is pretty obvious she is talking about Tom Hiddleston, basically implying he was a rebound after Calvin Harris and she broke up with him. OUCH. It is a very brave move from Swift, but those that don’t know the deal can still appreciate the catchy chorus.

I Did Something Bad 

It is so freaking catchy and I can see myself singing along to this while walking down the street with it blaring from my headphones. I don’t love every song musically on Reputation (it is very good in terms of melody and lyrics though) but I enjoy the music a lot here. I love how she sings: “I’d do it over and over and over again if IIIII could”

End Game

I don’t think anyone was expecting Taylor to team up with Ed Sheeran AND Future on a song. What a combo. It’s got a hip-hop vibe and totally different to from usual Taylor material but I danced to it in the kitchen on the first listen so that puts it top 5 straight away.

Call It What You Want 

There are a lot of lovey-dovey songs on this album and a lot of them end up towards the bottom of my list, especially ones with sexy Swift (I’m not ready for it!!) but Call It What You Want and New Year’s Day are both incredible. Call It edges it slightly because I prefer the music.

And here are how the rest fare (subject to change):



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