Why is Taylor Swift being so elusive ahead of Reputation’s release?

When Taylor Swift announced that her next album, Reputation, was coming on November 10th (that’s tomorrow people!) I assumed that she would be EVERYWHERE in the weeks leading up to it. But no – she hasn’t done one interview, red carpet or promotional appearance. WHY?

When she was about to release 1989, you couldn’t escape Taylor’s face – she was on so many different magazine covers, she performed at the VMAs and she did promo, even making an appearance on the Graham Norton Show.

I thought the Reputation era would be the same. I assumed she would attend the VMAs in August as her video for Look What You Made Me Do would be premiering. I figured she would on a lot of magazines covers – at least Rolling Stone or Vogue – but the December issues have come out now and she’s not on any of them, only on her tabloid-parodying Target magazines. I am baffled by this. She has now released two videos and two other singles and still no public appearance. Where is she?

I guess she is trying to maintain this mysterious aura that she created when she took a step back from the limelight in mid 2016 after everybody turned against her – after the whole Hiddleswift thing and Kanye/Kim feud – but I really thought she would have had enough time away that she would be keen to tell her side of the story.

That’s unless she wants people to just hear it via the songs on Reputation. I guess she doesn’t want to give the game away in an interview when she’s about to spill the beans in a track. She wants to be elusive to drum up sales from Reputation – which is OBVIOUSLY going to sell well. Not sure if it will surpass 1989, but it will definitely be ones of the year’s best sellers. I will be buying it for this exact reason.

It annoys me that she has become this elusive person who thinks she is above promo etc, like Beyonce for example, when she wants people to buy her stuff. What annoys me even more is that she can get away with it because she will have astronomical sales without having to do any promo.

I want these red carpet appearances so I can witness her style evolution. I want these interviews, I want to hear her take on things directly rather than in abstract song, I want to know who she exactly is now, because her image is quite confusing at the moment. But she isn’t giving us any of that, she is controlling what we consumed of her which just shows how much power and control she has. GRRR!


Side note: Thankfully, we will see her on Saturday Night Live this weekend – it will be interesting to see if she just performs, or if she takes part in some sketches too.


  1. She / her team have basically been stalking fans on tumblr and instagram live. She has been going hard on fan interaction, with 3 secret sessions, a load of comments on tumblr posts and she spent ages on lots of fans instagram stories. She found out on one a fan was going to disney land and set up lots of gift baskets for them. She has been focusing on the fans that have built her up and not the media that often seem hell bent on taking her down.

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