Inside the Justice League Experience

Barry Allen/The Flash’s basement

To celebrate the upcoming release of Justice League, an installation has been set up at the old St. Martins College of Art and Design on Southampton Row in London and it’s only open to the public today and Friday.

The installation is free but you need to book a time slot and you can get them through ShowFilmFirst. I thought it would be heaving but I don’t think it’s been that well advertised as I went in 20 minutes before my time slot and it was practically empty – not that I’m complaining, I got people-free pictures and got to go at my own pace!

When you enter you are given this map:

As you can see, there are five character-based rooms as well as one where you can pose against a green screen and be inserted into the Justice League line-up.

First up was Wonder Woman’s room and the set was designed to resemble Diana’s conservation lab at the Louvre. Some of these scenes were actually filmed in the College, but upstairs rather than on the ground floor. Scenes based in the Gotham Police Department were filmed there too.

Then you stepped onboard The Flying Fox, Batman/Bruce Wayne’s newest aircraft for the team. The set was just a partial replica and it was huge, so the actual thing must have been insane! It also featured Batman’s costume (you can see in the thumbnails below), the actual one that Ben Affleck wore. All the rooms have actual costumes too – except Cyborg, which is a mock-up as his is actually CGI.

You’ve already seen The Flash’s basement, the best set in the place, without a doubt. There is just so much to it. Look at his collection of books and computer screens!!

The next room is Arthur Curry/Aquaman’s Icelandic bar, which was very cool – the room even smelled like a pub!

And then the tour concludes in Victor Stone/Cyborg’s lab and is filled with lots of props that were actually used in the movie. Each room has its own friendly guide to fill you in on anything you might want to know.

According to the Justice League synopsis, Superman is currently dead, but Henry Cavill raised eyebrows went he attended the press tour. The speculation continues here as there are some Superman Easter Eggs littered around the place, with one in each room (except Wonder Woman’s). I couldn’t find them all, but maybe you can?

I’m not a massive Justice League fan to be honest, but I am a film fan and I love seeing costumes and sets up close, especially ones as intricate and detailed as this. I would highly recommend.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

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