What I watched with my LoveFilm subscription

Today, LoveFilm, the DVD rental service by post, closes down for good. I wrote a piece about why I’m sad about that here but I thought I’d share with you what I watched in my six years as a LoveFilm customer.

As I said in my previous post, I prefer physical DVDs to streaming and will always prioritise them, and I used LoveFilm is catch up on any new releases I’d missed, any old classics I should have seen, and those that get referred to in pop culture and I didn’t understand. Thanks to LoveFilm, my film knowledge is rounded, more diverse and has less embarrassing holes.

I only rented two a month because I watch a lot of new cinema releases and TV and it was impossible to watch more than that. But watching two a month over the course of six years certainly adds up!

My rental list still has about 20-3o titles on it, which I have written down in case I want to switch to similar services. I am tempted because I still have film gaps that I want to fill in.

And for being such a loyal customer (although perhaps everyone got this), I was given a bonus DVD for October – Laurel Canyon, which is currently sat at my home.

Thank you LoveFilm, you were a great service and you shall be missed.

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