Thor: Ragnarok – Film Review

I liked the first two Thor movies; they were fine, they did the job, etc etc, but they didn’t leave me particularly enthusiastic about a third instalment so I didn’t think Thor: Ragnarok was necessary. I wasn’t even that excited for it. But I should have been because it is the best Thor so far and one of the strongest outings in the MCU.

Chris Hemsworth is back as the God of Thunder, and this time has to take on the Hela, the Goddess of Death (Cate Blanchett), who claims Asgard is rightfully hers and essentially begins destroying it, threatening the lives of all the civilians. Before Thor can focus on that though, he has to get free from Sakaar after he is captured by Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and taken there. The only way he can get off The Grandmaster’s (Jeff Goldblum) planet is by competing and winning a gladiator-style fight against Hulk (Mark Ruffalo).

The first Thor movies were pretty serious and director Taika Waititi, who is known for his quirky comedies, has given the franchise a much-needed overhaul, giving the third a tone that is fresh, light-hearted and entertaining, like Guardians of the Galaxy. Even Thor as a character has changed – he is funny and full of the jokes, rather than the serious, brooding type he was before, and has a different costume and hairstyle. These differences are definitely welcome.

It was great to see Hemsworth do comedy (he was brilliant in the Ghostbusters reboot) and he genuinely looks like he’s enjoying himself. He has delightful chemistry with Ruffalo, who unfortunately spends most of the movie as the Hulk rather than Bruce Banner. I love Goldblum in everything and he is basically himself in the movie (for better or worse), Blanchett gives a decent villian performance and doesn’t go too camp, and Tom Hiddleston got to have fun with Loki (and he looked hot too!) I’m glad he was involved. The only main person I had issues with was Thompson – her performance was very good but her British accent was wildly inconsistent.

I didn’t love the film immediately because it was trying too hard to be funny, each one of Thor’s lines were a gag and I thought ‘I hope it’s not like this all the way through’. Thankfully it wasn’t and the jokes came more naturally and it stopped trying too hard. It still took a while to get going because we had to catch up with characters, get introduced to new ones etc, but after that, I had a jolly good time.

I didn’t care much for the story, but at least it was relatively self-contained compared to other MCU films. I loved everything else though – the characters, the jokes, the visuals and the tone, which has Waititi’s stamp firmly on it. I’m glad Marvel let him use his signature style because I love his films and sense of humour.

It is easily the best Thor film. I enjoyed it immensely.

In cinemas Tuesday 24th October


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