The Snowman: Film Review

There are a lot of excellent serial killer/murder mysteries on TV but they just haven’t been done right on film in a while, like The Girl on the Train, and I was confident The Snowman, based on the Jo Nesbo book, could change that -but unfortunately it did not.

Michael Fassbender is detective Harry Hole, an alcoholic with a close relationship to his ex-girlfriend Rakel (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and her son Oleg. He gets involved in Katrine’s (Rebecca Ferguson) missing persons cases, and when one missing persons tip comes in before the woman has gone, with a special request for Harry’s presence, he makes it his mission to get to the bottom of it.

This had all the ingredients to be a thrilling story as it had an interesting set-up and the characters of Harry, Rakel and Katrine are cast and acted well (although they weren’t massively developed), but it just didn’t work. It wasn’t THAT thrilling and the recurring Snowman presence at crime scenes made feel like giggling than filling me with dread. It didn’t have that shocking revelation we needed, and although I didn’t guess the culprit (I’m sure people could though), I didn’t particularly care or feel surprised. The impact was not there and the very end felt so anti-climactic. I was expecting so much more.

There were a few odd things about it too – like CGI being used where it didn’t need to be and it being quite obvious, taking some of the power out of some gruesome moments cause I’m too busy thinking “well that wasn’t realistic at all”. Also it was really obvious that Val Kilmer had been dubbed over, perhaps with his own recorded voice, as it didn’t sync up to what his mouth was doing. I know he had throat cancer so I get why it was done this way, but it really takes you out of the scene, especially during one line when it was out of sync completely.

There are moments in The Snowman I really liked, it started off rather promising, and Fassbender did a great job, but the pieces just didn’t come together. The big face-off scene after the whodunnit revelation didn’t have the necessary suspense or thrills and I left feeling deflated. Shame.

In cinemas Friday 13th October 


  1. Wish I’d read your review before I paid money to see it

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  2. I am now following you so I don’t make mistakes like that again

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