Jake Gyllenhaal tells all about Stronger at LFF Q&A

Jake Gyllenhaal came to London this week to promote his new movie Stronger, his first project as producer, at the London Film Festival and he also found time to attend a Q&A after a special screening hosted by Lionsgate at the Ham Yard Hotel.

In Stronger, Jake plays the real-life Jeff Bauman, who lost both his legs in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. He was at the finish line to cheer on his on-off girlfriend Erin (Tatiana Maslany) and convince her to take him back, and the film focuses on both their struggles to cope with his new disability. You can read my review here:

Jake sat down with moderator Chris Hewitt for an in-depth chat about the project and here are some of the interesting nuggets of information I learned.

– Jake spent a year getting to know Bauman before the film began shooting

– Bauman was on set for the first day, but he never returned after that and just communicated with Jake over the phone

– Jake bought Bauman a really fancy, hi-tech toilet since the film shoot and joked that it has so many functions that I can play music

– Jake spent a long time watching post-marathon interviews of Bauman to pick up on his accent and mannerisms and was determined to not make it an impression – he just wanted to channel the ‘essence’ of him

– Jake was nervous about shooting the ice hockey tournament scene because they needed to shoot the scene after an actual match and they were worried if the team lost, the audience wouldn’t hang around to perform as the crowd

– Jake said it was physically arduous to play Bauman but he feels like he can’t complain because it is nothing compared to what Bauman goes through everyday

– Bauman’s mum Patty complained that they made her apartment dirtier than it actually is and his boss couldn’t fathom why they cast someone so short to play him

– They used the real life people to play themselves in certain scenes, such as Bauman’s nurse and his main rehabilitation lady

Here are all the pictures I took from the event:


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  2. […] SEE ALSO: Jake Gyllenhaal discussing Stronger at a London Q&A  […]


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