The Meyerowitz Stories: LFF Film Review 

Following the debut of The Meyerowitz Stories, Noah Baumbach‘s next feature, at Cannes Film Festival, all everyone was talking about was Adam Sandler’s performance, which some have even dubbed Oscar worthy! I couldn’t believe it. I personally wouldn’t go quite that far, but it is 100% his best performance in years and certainly a game changer for him after a long succession of duds.

The film tells a variety of stories from the perspective of different members of the Meyerowitz clan to help us build a picture of their family dynamic. At the top, we have patriarch and under appreciated artist Harold (Dustin Hoffman) who devoted all his love and attention on Matthew (Ben Stiller) and basically left his older children Danny (Sandler) and Jean (Elizabeth Marvel) out. This has manifested itself into a very dysfunctional family filled with resentments that run deep. They all come to a head when Harold is hospitalised and placed in a coma.

Sandler’s character isn’t that far removed from what we’ve seen him do in the past. He is jobless, down on his luck, he is going through a divorce, his daughter Eliza (Grace van Patten) has left for college and he has got a serious hip problem.

Whereas everything seems to be perfect for Matthew, who has his own business, lots of money and lives out in LA. He only sees his family when he flies in for business, but that all changes when his dad falls ill. Harold is difficult and challenging and takes no prisoners and probably doesn’t realise the hold he has over his children and how he can manipulate them.

The male characters are really fleshed out and get to stretch their legs emotionally and comedically. The female characters don’t get quite as much – you don’t get a lot of depth with Jean and Harold’s alcoholic wife Maureen (Emma Thompson).

The film is very funny and I laughed out loud a lot, especially watching the brothers literally fight and Eliza’s college films. It does go on a bit too long and could have done with a trim but I enjoyed it immensely.

Seen as part of the 61st BFI London Film Festival. Released on Netflix on 13th October 

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  1. Funny, but also a little sad. But always interesting. Nice review.

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